10th Science Practical Book PDF 2023

If you are a student in 10th class. And this year your board examination is going to be held, so you have to be ready for practical because its date can come anytime. Therefore, through this article, we have shared the 10th Science Practical Book PDF with you, which you can download from the link given at the bottom of this article.

Class X (10th) Science Practical Book PDF Download in English, Hindi & Tamil

Various types of Examination Boards like CBSE, CISCE, NIOS, State board etc work in India. Whether you are a student of State Board or Central Board. All of you must give practicals of Science, Maths & Social Science in class X. That’s why the preparation of Practical & Viva is already done in all the schools. However, there are some government schools where students have to work hard to write science practicals because they do not have proper information.

Therefore, through this article, we have provided you with all kinds of information as well as the Book PDF of Science Practicals. In which practicals are written according to the points given below-

Aim/ Object – First of all you have to write the purpose of the experiment. From which it is known, what we have to know.

Theory – Whenever an experiment is done, different types of principals and laws are used in it. That’s why all kinds of principles related to practical are written in Theory.

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Material/ Apparatus Required – In this heading, the name of all types of Device and Material used during the experiment is written.

Procedure – Various types of steps are used in sequence to make any practical successful. That is, all the steps used during the practical are written in the procedure.

Observation – Whenever you perform the experiment, you see some changes after that. All these are noted down in the observation. If necessary, an Observation Table is also made. Whatever number of times the experiment is done, all of them must be written in the observation table.

Calculations – After this you have to do some calculations on the basis of the observation table. In which graphs are also included.

Results – After completion of all types of calculation and graph, the result comes out.

Precautions and Sources of Errors – At the end of the experiment, the precautions to be taken during the experiment are written. And the information about all the things that can cause errors is written.

Lab Apparatus & Equipment Used in Science Laboratory

Microscope, Test tube, Beakers, magnifying glass, Volumetric flask, Bunsen burner, Dropper, Thermometer, Tongs, Brushes, Weighing machines, Wash bottles, Spatula, Spring balance, Litmus and filter papers, Crucible, Ammeter, Funnels, Watch glass, Burette, Convex Lense, Concave Lense, Tape, Magnet, Vernier caliper, Galvanometer

Safety Equipment

Disposable gloves, Eyewash station, Fire extinguisher, Lab Coats, Latex gloves, Safety Goggles, Fire Blankets, Safety Equipment, Lab Apron

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