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IAS UPSC Topper Kanishak Kataria Notes Dropbox Download Pdf

Name - Kanishak Kataria
Age - 26 College/University - IIT Bombay
Today We Are Sharing Topic - Kanishak Kataria Dropbox

Mains GS1 Coverage : [ KANISHAK KATARIA ]
1. Booklist Geography:

  • NCERT 10th and 12th - thoroughly
  • would recommend lower classes NCERT for students having issues with fundamentals of geography
  • Resource Distribution: Anudeep Sir's notes + Rajtanil Slides (no videos)
  • Websites like PMFIAS, India-WRIS
  • Vajiram Class notes - Manocha and Shivarpit Sir

2.  Kanishak Kataria notes: Self notes 
* Full focus on diagrams and important keywords.

Distribution of Resources:

Physical Geography:

Vajiram Classnotes:

Mains GS1 Coverage : [ KANISHAK KATARIA ]

1. Kanishak Kataria Booklist Indian Society:
  •  NCERT XIIth - both books (would highly recommend)
  •  Vajiram Class notes - Rajkumar Sir
  •  Filling gaps from Vajiram Yellow book
  •  Few pointers added from Mains 365

2.  Kanishak Kataria notes: Topic-wise PDFs:

Indian Society:

Diversity of India:

Women Issues:

Population Issues:

Poverty and Development Issues:



Communalism, Regionalism, Secularism:

Vajiram Classnotes:

Mains Essays Coverage : [ KANISHAK KATARIA ]

1. Kanishak Kataria notes: Essays:


Particular PDFs

Scribblings on few topics: 

Few quotes:

Previous UPSC Essays:

List of probable essay topics:

Mains GS4 Coverage : [ KANISHAK KATARIA ]

1.  Kanishak Kataria Ethics:Booklist
  • Vajiram class notes - Pub Ad section by Brijendra Sir, Psychology section by Pathak Sir and Philosophy section by Manikant Sir
  • Filling gaps from Vajiram Yellow Book
  • Random internet searches for conceptual clarity
  • Free Lukmaan video on Neostencil
  • Lukmaan IAS evaluated copies of students from test series (Available online) to understand how to write good answers in case studies.

2. Kanishak Kataria Notes Self handwritten notes after prelims: 

Folder link: 

Particular pdfs:

1. Pointers from Case Studies: 

2. Psychology (has only keywords + little incomplete; for better understanding and definitions refer to class notes):

3. Pub Ad (for exact definitions refer to class notes):

4. Philosophy (Better than class notes):

5.Vajiram class notes folder:

6.Few additional notes: 

7.Some other examples:

Mains GS1 coverage : [ KANISHAK KATARIA ]
Post Independence History:

1.  Kanishak Kataria Booklist
  • Vajiram class notes - Jindal Sir
  • NCERT XIIth - Politics in India Since Independence

3. Kanishak Kataria notes:

Self handwritten notes after prelims: 

Vajiram class notes:

Mains GS1 coverage : : [ KANISHAK KATARIA ]

1. Kanishak Kataria Book list World History:
  • Vajiram class notes - Ojha Sir
  • Vision Supplementary Module (selective reading)
  • NCERT by Arjun Dev - 9th (Chapter 7-8), 10th (Chapter 9-13)

3. My notes:

Self handwritten notes after prelims: 
these notes are best for quick revision, though only from GS perspective. If you dont have time then refer to them.

Vajiram class notes:

Mains GS1 coverage : [ KANISHAK KATARIA ]

Modern Indian History + Freedom Struggle
  • Booklist: 
  • Old NCERT - Modern India - Bipan Chandra
  • Spectrum
  • Vajiram Class notes - Parmar Sir

My notes:

Self handwritten notes after prelims: 

Vajiram classnotes:

Mains GS1 Coverage [ KANISHAK KATARIA ]

1. Kanishak Kataria Book list: Ancient History + Art and Culture:

Few chapters from NCERTs - 
  • Ancient India - RS Sharma
  • Medieval India - selected reading of chapters on culture (Chapters 9,11,17)
  • Vajiram Class notes - Jain Sir + Reverse learning from test series
  • Nitin Singhania - didn't have time to read

3.  Kanishak Kataria notes:

Evernote Notebook

Self handwritten notes after prelims

Vajiram classnotes

 Kanishak Kataria UPSC Mathematics Resource Material:

IMS 2015 Test Series

IMS 2016 Test Series

IMS 2017 Test Series:

IMS 2018 Test Series:

Previous Year Solutions:

Mains and Essay test series copies

Mathematics Revision Notes 

 Kanishak Kataria Mathematics Optional

Follow this for my Maths revision notes

My Booklist for Mains

Follow this link for some pointers to my preparation strategy:

You can find the set wise keys here:

Polity Notes Added :

Some of the Polity classnotes:
Follow "Kanishak - UPSC Material -> Class Notes -> Polity" to access them.

This is the link to the folder where I'll be uploading my notes and other relevant material. 

It will contain my Vajiram classnotes and other Self study notes which I made mainly during Mains preparation. Self notes were referenced from classnotes, Vision Mains 365, Internet and other standard books. They became the primary source for quick revision.
Other material such as organized PYQs, Map work etc will also be made available.
The notes will be added over a period of time. I will send out a message here regarding the new additions. If I have enough time, I will also try to add an index for quick access and a guide to better understand the notes.

PS: I will again urge everyone to make notes on their own and use my notes only for reference. Notes by earlier successful aspirants are also present online. If they make more sense to you, please follow them

Conclusion : I hope guys you did like upsc topper notes (kanishak kataria Dropbox) you can download all the notes given links above and d'ont forget to share these all notes with your friends and mates. and if you have any query you can comment us.

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