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Download Free {PDF} Vision IAS World History Notes 2020 PDF this is most important pdf book of world history and published by vision ias institute, if you trust and ever listen by any topper about this book so you can read it because this pdf will help various competitive exam including IAS, PCS, SSC, NDA, CDS, Railway and state level exam.This pdf will cover all the important topics like Feudalism, Church, Change, Modern Era, Glorious Revolution, World War 2 and its Impact Germany and Rise of Hitler and many other topics.

Vision IAS World History Notes 2020 PDF - Download Free PDF

Vision IAS World History Notes 2020 PDF

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Book Details:

PDF Name: Vision IAS World History
Language: English
Author: /
Publisher: Vision IAS
Publishing Year: 2020

Vision IAS World History Topics 2020 PDF

1. Feudalism, Church, Change, Modern Era, Glorious Revolution 4-12
2. American Revolution 12-15
3. French Revolution and Rise of Napoleon 16-19
4. Nationalism: Rise and Impact 20
5. Unification of Germany and Italy 21-23
6. Industrial Revolution 23-27
7. Colonialism (Africa, Pacific, Central and West Asia, China) and 27-52
Imperialism (Japan and US)
8. World War 1 and Preceding Events 53-60
9. Impact of World War 1 and League of Nations 61-68
10. Events from 1919 - 39 68-85
11. World War 2 and its Impact 89-99
12. Different Socio Economic System: Russia, India, China 100-137
13. Italy: Rise of Mussolini and Fascist 138-142
14. Germany and Rise of Hitler 142-148
15. Nazism and Fascism 149-154
16. Cold War 155-187
17. Europe after 1945 and Decolonisation 188-227
18. NAM 228-233
19. South Africa Apartheid

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Vision IAS World History Notes 2020 PDF - Download

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