UPSC: UPSC (IAS) 2019 AIR 1 Pradeep Singh shares the last 20-days subject-wise current affairs revision strategy for the aspirants appearing in UPSC (CSE) Prelims 2020 exam on October 4.

AIR 1 Pradeep Singh Shares Last 20 Days Revision Strategy

Science & Technology

➨ Defense Sector

Key focus areas:

  • Requirements of the Defense sector (eg: rqt. of 40 squadrons in the IAF)
  • Rafale fighter plane - main specifications
  • Tejas fighter plane

➨ Space Sector

Key focus areas:

  • Recent launches or plans for the future

➨ New Technology

Key focus areas:

  • Block chain Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IoT
  • Quantum Technology - “Quantum Supremacy”, Applications of Quantum Computer


  • Various organizations related to environment protection and their Chairmans’
  • Various acts related to environment protection
  • Rules - Waste Management rules, CRZ regulations
  • New Species Found
  • Newly added species in the ‘endangered’ and ‘critically endangered” section of the IUCN list
  • Agriculture Sector

Pro Tip: If you do not know the answer for questions based on the environment, it is better to skip it rather to guess the answer. More questions are asked from this section because the Indian Forest Services Prelims is clubbed with the Civil Services Prelims exam. Hence, avoid guess answering.

Indian Polity

  • Various schemes launched, Ministries attached to the schemes, Objective of the schemes


Map-Based Topics

  • Indian Geography - focus on longitudes & latitudes
  • World Geography - Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia, South China Sea, straits

National Sites

  • Newly added National Parks
  • New Sites Added to Ramsar list

Reports & Indexes

  • Various reports issued by the World Bank, IMF
  • India’s position on the various indexes compared to other countries (like in comparison to other BRICS countries in the list etc.)


  • Various reports published by SEBI, RBI, Ministry of Finance
  • Various steps taken by RBI in recent times (eg: moratorium and related facts)
  • New terms added in the Economic Survey 2020 (eg: taxpayer charter)
  • Various committees and their chairman


  • Places excavated in recent times
  • Various events in history that completed 25, 50, 100 or 200 years in 2020

Tips by the UPSC 2019 Topper

  • Revise the current affairs daily for the next 20 days.
  • Clear confusions on various topics
  • Do not start with any new topic in the last days
  • Make your revision comprehensive and exclusive
  • Attempt the exam with a calm and composed mind