28 Years UPSC Disha PDF Free Download and Prelims Topic-wise Solved Papers 1 & 2 (1995 – 2022) 13th Edition

Hey guys in this post I am going to share with you all the best and one of the important books for UPSC IAS/ IPS 28 Years UPSC Disha pdf free download for UPSC prelims examination author of this book is Mrunal Patel and the publisher is Disha Publication this book is best selling book is an online store so you should also get this book we have provided free pdf of this book so you don’t need to go anywhere you all can download complete 11th edition of this book.

PublisherDisha Publication
AuthorMrunal Patel

Mrunal Patel IAS Coaching, Strategy, and Posting. Mrunal Patel is nowadays very fashionable among civil service aspirants in India. His simplicity and modesty always attract students and methods of teaching are rarely replicable. he’s teaching an Economy for civil service aspirants at a web education platform

the book is its flawless detailed solution to each and every question whose answer key has been validated with UPSC. this book has 25 years of essay topics and 27 years of solved prelims papers. Consists of past years solved papers of the General Studies Paper 1 & 2 distributed into 8 units and 52 topics, this book is also available in the Hindi language.

so there are many reasons you should buy this book the main reason is this book is published by UPSC topper mrunal sir and this book contain all the previous year question and there answer which are asking in UPSC preliminary examination in a single place so you do not need to go anywhere for searching.

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This book is a highly inclusive effort from the publisher and contains not only prelims but also encompasses the mains part topic wise papers. It’s a whole package for the students preparing for UPSC in understanding the paper format, weightage, and the way in which questions are asked by the UPSC. Thanks to the wonderful packaging the book wasn’t damaged in any way and all the answers to the questions seem to be correct at the first glance. Thanks to Amazon and the publisher for providing such a useful tool to UPSC aspirants.

• UPSC Planner
• Analytical Approach to crack UPSC
• Analysis of 2013 – 2022 Papers 1 & 2
• Cut-offs for last 8 Years Prelims & Mains
• How to Attempt IAS Mains Questions?
• How to Write
Essays for Mains?
• 28 Years IAS Prelims Paper 1
Solved Questions
• Divided into 43 Topics
• further divided into 7 units.
• 3360+ MCQs
• Notes & Sources provided for selected questions
Aptitude (CSAT) Solved Paper 2

• 28 Years lAS Prelims Paper 2 Solved Questions
• Divided into 9 Topics
• 1200+ MCQs
IAS Mains Unsolved Questions (2013-2021)

• 2013-2021 General Studies Papers 1 4 Topic-wise questions (since now syllabus)
• Topic-wise Essay Papers of the last 29 years (1993-2021)

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  3. Can I buy this book. This year can i write 2025 exam I’m close 2 year solved paper this problem

  4. Sir already I have this book 13 th addition. Latest book 14th pdf( English medium )please send me . I can’t buy again that price . Please sir…🥺🥺
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