400 Days Chetan Bhagat Book in English Free Available

Hello Guys, today I will share with you 400 Days Book PDF which is written by Famous Indian Author Chetan Bhagat. This Book has A mystery and romance story like none other.

An unputdownable tale of suspense, friendship, interests, human relationships, love, the crazy world we live in and, above all, a mother’s determination to never give up.

which is necessary if you want to be successful always. It helps you to know how we should be. and it is all about temperament and responsibility.

Book Name400 Days
AuthorChetan Bhagat

Excerpt From the Book

‘I hate this stupid UPSC exam,’ I said, tossing my pen onto the table. I read the exam question from a previous year’s General Studies paper again

While I couldn’t locate any of the places on the map of India, I could definitely locate a niggling feeling in my stomach. It told me my IPS preparations were crap. I only had two attempts left before I reached the upper age limit of thirty-two years for the exam. My dream of becoming an IPS officer was going to be flushed down the Karakoram Range and get lost somewhere between Malkan-giri and Jaitapur, wherever the hell those places were.

‘Tea’s ready,’ my mother called out from the living room. I ignored her. I wanted to be an IPS officer instead of running a tiny detective agency like I was doing at present. As a senior cop, I could solve a lot more crimes and help society. Noble, right? The problem is, the tough UPSC exam for civil services doesn’t give a damn about nobility. Over a million people apply. Among those, a general category student like me has to achieve a top500 rank if they want an IPS seat.

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I grew up in Alwar, where my father was a lawyer by profession and a dedicated RSS functionary by passion. We now live in my parents’ three bedroom apartment in a residential building complex called Icon, near the DLF Golf Course. My parents and I moved here after my father retired and purchased this flat. I asked Saurabh, my best friend and partner in our detective agency, Z Detectives, to move in with us as well.

Home-cooked food and a rent-free life had their benefits, but they came with an ‘LFK’ or ‘Let’s Fix Keshav’ package. My parents keep telling me how I should a) get married, b) get a job, c) meet more people, d) close this detective agency business (not that we have much business anyway), e) keep my room clean, f) talk more (when I don’t talk to them), g) talk less (when I talk back to them), or whatever else they feel is wrong with me that day. Saurabh, a sell-out, always agrees with my parents. My mother would make kheer or halwa for him, and he’d join the LFK tirade, telling me to get serious about life.

My parents sat on a bench near the play area. As I came closer, I saw someone sitting with them. It was a woman, probably in her twenties. I noticed her striking looks first. She had a fair complexion, smooth skin and a cascade of brown curls. Her high cheekbones and full lips were visible even from a distance. She wore a white salwar kameez with blue embroidery on it. Were my desperate parents trying to set me up? Were they going to suggest a match?

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About Author

Chetan Bhagat is the author of ten best-selling novels, which have sold over twelve million copies and have been translated into over twenty languages worldwide. The New York Times has called him ‘the biggest selling author in India’s history’. Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world, and Fast Company USA named him one of the 100 most creative people in business worldwide. Many of Chetan’s books have been adapted into films and were major Bollywood blockbusters. He is also a Filmfare award-winning screenplay writer.

Chetan writes columns for The Times of India and Dainik Bhaskar, which are among India’s most influential and widely read newspapers. He is also one of the country’s leading motivational speakers. He is active on various social media platforms, where his combined following runs into crores. Chetan went to college at IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad, after which he worked in investment banking for a decade before quitting his job to become a full-time writer

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