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Hello friends, today I am going to share 99 Names of Allah pdf, According to tradition (hadith), there are at least 99 names of God (Allah) in Islam, which are referred to as ‘Asmaul Husna’ (Arabic: سماء الله الحسنى) as “Beautiful Names of Allah”. Also known as الأسماء الحسنى’ asmā’u l-ḥusnā “beautiful name”).

Those who are devotees of Allah, they know how different and powerful His 99 names are. Those who read all these names, it is said that that person gets heaven.

Prophet Muhammad has also mentioned this. That’s why all of you should also read these 99 names. We have shared with you all 99 names , its translation and its meaning. Which you can read in the article below. Its translation has been given in front of the Arabic language, so that you can understand it easily.

List of Names (Asma-ul-Husna)

1AL-MALIKالْمَلِكُThe Eternal Lord
2AL-MUSAWWIRالْمُصَوِّرُThe Fashioner
3AL-KHAALIQالْخَالِقُThe Creator, The Maker
4AL-QAHHARالْقَهَّارُThe All-Prevailing One
5AL-‘ALEEMاَلْعَلِيْمُThe All-Knowing
6AL-HAKAMالْحَكَمُThe Impartial Judge
7AL-‘ADLالْعَدْلُThe Utterly Just
8AL-MUHAYMINالْمُهَيْمِنُThe Preserver of Safety
9AL-MUTAKABBIRالْمُتَكَبِّرThe Supreme, The Majestic
10AL-BAARIالْبَارِئُThe Evolver
11AL-MUQEETالمُقيِتThe Sustainer
12AL-GHAFFARالْغَفَّارُThe Great Forgiver
13AL-QUDDUSالْقُدُّوسُThe Most Sacred
14AL-LATEEFاللَّطِيفُThe Subtle One, The Most Gentle
15AL-AZIZالْعَزِيزُAll Mighty
16AL-QAABIDالْقَابِضُThe Withholder
17AL-MU’MINالْمُؤْمِنُThe Infuser of Faith
18AR-RAHMAANالرَّحْمَنُThe Beneficent
19AL-BAASITالْبَاسِطُThe Extender
20AR-RAHEEMالرَّحِيمُThe Merciful
21ASH-SHAHEEDالشَّهِيدُThe All Observing Witnessing
22AL-MAAJIDالْمَاجِدُThe Illustrious, the Magnificent
23AL-JABBARالْجَبَّارُThe Compeller, The Restorer
24AL-KHABEERالْخَبِيرُThe All-Aware
25AL-BA’ITHالْبَاعِثُThe Infuser of New Life
26AL-HALEEMالْحَلِيمُThe Most Forbearing
27AL-GHAFOORالْغَفُورThe Great Forgiver
28AL-MUJEEBٱلْمُجِيبُThe Responsive One
29AL-WAASI’الْوَاسِعُThe All-Encompassing, the Boundless
30AL-MU’IZZالْمُعِزُّThe Honourer, The Bestower
31AS-SALAMالسَّلاَمُThe embodiment of Peace
32AL-‘AZEEMالْعَظِيمُThe Magnificent, The Supreme
33AL-FATTAAHالْفَتَّاحُThe Supreme Solver
34AL-HAKEEMالْحَكِيمُThe All-Wise
35AL-JALEELالْجَلِيلُThe Majestic
36AL-HAFEEDHالْحَفِيظُThe Preserver
37AL-MAJEEDالْمَجِيدُThe Glorious, The Most Honorable
38AL-QAYYOOMالْقَيُّومُThe Sustainer, The Self-Subsisting
39AR-RAQEEBالرَّقِيبُThe Watchful
40AL-WAHHAABالْوَهَّابُThe Supreme Bestower
41AR-RAAFI’الرَّافِعُThe Exalter, The Elevator
42AL-HASEEBالْحسِيبُThe Reckoner
43AL-KAREEMالْكَرِيمُThe Most Generous, The Most Esteemed
44AL-BASEERالْبَصِيرُThe All-Seeing
45AL-HAQQالْحَقُThe Absolute Truth
46AL-MUBDIالْمُبْدِئُThe Originator, The Initiator
47AL-WAKEELالْوَكِيلُThe Trustee, The Disposer of Affairs
48AL-BAATINالْبَاطِنُThe Hidden One, Knower of the Hidden
49AS-SAMADالصَّمَدُThe Eternal, Satisfier of Needs
50AR-RAZZAAQالرَّزَّاقُThe Provider
51ASH-SHAKOORالشَّكُورُThe Most Appreciative
52AL-MUZILٱلْمُذِلُّThe Dishonourer, The Humiliator
53AL-WADUDالْوَدُودُThe Most Loving
54AL-MUEEDٱلْمُعِيدُThe Restorer, The Reinstater
55AL-‘ALEEالْعَلِيُّThe Most High, The Exalted
56AL-KABEERالْكَبِيرُThe Preserver, The All-Heedful and All-Protecting
57AL-KHAAFIDHالْخَافِضُThe Reducer
58AL-QADEERالْقَادِرُThe Omnipotent One
59AN-NAFI’النَّافِعُThe Propitious, the Benefactor
60AL-MUHYIالْمُحْيِيThe Giver of Life
61AS-SABOORالصَّبُورُThe Forbearing, The Patien
62AL-MUMEETاَلْمُمِيتُThe Inflicter of Death
63AL-MATEENالْمَتِينُThe Firm, The Steadfast
64AL-WALIYYالْوَلِيُّThe Protecting Associatey
65AL-HAMEEDالْحَمِيدُThe Praiseworthy
66AL-MUHSEEالْمُحْصِيThe All-Enumerating, The Counter
67AN-NURالنُّورُThe Light, The Illuminator
68AL-QAWIYYالْقَوِيُThe All-Strong
69AL-WAAHIDالْواحِدُThe One
70AD-DHARRالضَّارَThe Distresser
71AL-AHADاَلاَحَدُThe Unique, The Only One
72AS-SAMEE’السَّمِيعُThe All-Hearing
73AL-HAYYالْحَيُّThe Ever-Living
74AL-WAAJIDالْوَاجِدُThe Perceiver
75AL-MUGHNIٱلْمُغْنِيُّThe Enricher
76AL-MANI’اَلْمَانِعُThe Withholder
77AL-BADEE’الْبَدِيعُThe Incomparable Originator
78AL-JAAMI’الْجَامِعُThe Gatherer, the Uniter
79AL-GHANIYYٱلْغَنيُّThe Self-Sufficient, The Wealthy
80AR-RA’OOFالرَّؤُوفُThe Most Kind
81AL-MUQADDIMالْمُقَدِّمُThe Expediter, The Promoter
82AL-MU’AKHKHIRالْمُؤَخِّرُThe Delayer
83AL-AAKHIRالآخِرُThe Last
84AL-WAALIالْوَالِيThe Governor, The Patron
85AL-MUTA’ALIالْمُتَعَالِيThe Self Exalted
86AL-BAAQIاَلْبَاقِيThe Everlasting
87AL-MUQTADIRالْمُقْتَدِرُThe Powerful
88DHUL-JALAALI WAL-IKRAAMذُوالْجَلاَلِ وَالإكْرَامِPossessor of Glory and Honour, Lord of Majesty and Generosity
89MAALIK-UL-MULKَمَالِكُ ٱلْمُلْكُMaster of the Kingdom, Owner of the Dominion
90AL-MUQSITالْمُقْسِطُThe Just One
91AL-HAADIالْهَادِيThe Guide
92AL-AWWALالأوَّلُThe First
93AT-TAWWABالتَّوَابُThe Ever-Pardoning, The Relenting
94AZ-ZAAHIRالظَّاهِرُThe Manifest
95AL-WAARITHالْوَارِثُThe Inheritor, The Heir
96AR-RASHEEDالرَّشِيدُThe Guide, Infallible Teacher
97AL-BARRالْبَرُّThe Source of All Goodness
98AL-MUNTAQIMالْمُنْتَقِمُThe Avenger
99AL-‘AFUWWالعَفُوُThe Pardoner


Allah is an Arabic word which means God. It is used by Muslims and Arab Christians to refer to God. It is also called Khuda in Persian

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The word God is not used for any particular deity, it is used for God who has created this universe, in the same way God is called Allah in Arabic.

There are 99 names of Allah on the basis of different qualities and characteristics and adjectives. These names are mentioned in the Quran. Allah is the personal name and it is the names of the 99 qualities which are called Asmay Allah Hasan. Most of the details about Allah are found in books.

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