Aakash NEET Test Series 2024 PDF

Are you ready for the NEET 2024 exam? We’ve got you covered! Starting today, we will be offering the NEET 2024 test series to all NEET aspirants, which has been provided by the renowned coaching institute, Aakash Institute. This test series will be invaluable for your upcoming medical examinations, and we’ve also included an answer key..

Why is Aakash the best for NEET preparation?

Aakash trains thousands of students every year for NEET, or is known for its quality education, which is why it has been a reliable option for students to prepare for NEET exam in India. Over 30 years of experience in the field of education, an efficient team of experienced teachers who have helped lakhs of students achieve their dream of becoming a doctor. Many seminars are run by them where guidance is provided to the students to master the NEET exam.

All India Aakash Test Series 2024 (AIATS)

Test 1 OYM (B)

Test 1 OYM (A) Solution

Test 1 OYM (A)

Aakash NEET 2024 Test (RM)

NEET 2024 PT (OYM)

PT 11 (P1) (B)

PT 11 (P1) (A)

PT 10 (P1) (B)

PT 10 (P1) (A)

PT 9 (P1) (B)

PT 9 (P1) (A)

TE 4 (P1) (A)

PT 7 (P1) (B)

PT 7 (P1) (A)

PT 6 (P1) (A)

TE 1 (P2) (C)

PT 2 (P2) (C)

PT 1 (P2) (C)

PT 5 (P1) (B)

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PT 5 (P1) (A)

TE 3 (P1) (B)

TE 3 (P1) (A)

TE 2 (P1) (B)

TE 2 (P1) (A)

TE 1 (P1) (B)

TE 1 (P1) (A)

PT 4 (P1) (B)

PT 4 (P1) (A)

PT 3 (P1) (B)

PT 3 (P1) (A)

PT 2 (P1) (B)

PT 2 (P1) (A)

PT 1 (P1) (B)

PT 1 (P1) (A)


Fortnightly Test 2023 (FT)

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All India Aakash Test Series 2023 (AIATS)

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Aakash Rank Booster Test 2023 (ARBTS)

A Glimpse of Aakash’s Test Series Offerings:

All India Aakash Test Series 2024 (AIATS): Experience a simulated exam scenario, providing you with the exact feel of the NEET exam.

Two-Year Medical (TYM), One Year Medical (OYM), and Repeater Medical (RM): Tailored to your specific preparation needs.

An Array of Test Types: From Fortnightly Tests (FT) to Revision Test Series (RTS) and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

NEET Question Paper with Answer Key: Gain a competitive edge with our comprehensive NEET question papers and detailed answer keys.

The Impact of Aakash Test Series

Daily Practice: In an examination like NEET, the role of a test series is very important. Regular practice with test series can improve your speed and accuracy in solving questions.

Analysis before the exam: Through test series you can find out your weakness and strength, through test series you can also improve your weakness.

Time Management: Test series are conducted at regular time intervals to teach students effective time management, which is an important skill during the actual examination.

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A Glimpse into the NEET Challenge:

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a massive examination conducted in India, with numerous medical aspirants competing. It is one of the most academically rigorous examinations in the country and serves as the ultimate gateway for students aspiring to pursue a career in medicine.


To achieve success in a challenging exam like NEET, Aakash Institute’s NEET 2024 test series can serve as your roadmap to success. The institute boasts a team of experienced teachers who consistently monitor and support students in their preparation to ensure it is on the right track.

Medical entrance exams in India have always been highly competitive. To distinguish yourself from the crowd, you need a reliable partner, like us. Download our provided NEET test series PDF and embark on the path to a promising future.

Q.1 Angular momentum of the particle, when a force is applied, is constant due to

(1) Zero torque (2) Uniform force (3) Uniform linear momentum (4) Uniform torque

Q.2 The moment of inertia of a wheel of radius 100 cm is 24 kg m2 at rest. If a tangential force 60 N applied on the top point of wheel, its rotational kinetic energy after 2 s is

(1) 150 J (2) 300 J (3) 100 J (4) 400 J

Q.3 For a body under pure rolling the fraction of total energy which is purely rotational is . The rolling body may be

(1) Ring (2) Disc (3) Hollow cylinder (4) Both (1) and (3)

Q.4 For the reaction, A(g) + B2(g) → AB2(g) ΔS = 120 JK–1 mol–1, ΔH = 55 kJ/mol respectively. Reaction will be spontaneous at

(1) 450 K (2) 505 K (3) 405 K (4) 420 K

Q.5 Which of the following set of an acid & base (one equivalent each) on neutralization will release maximum energy?

(1) HNO3 + NaOH (2) HCl + NaOH (3) CH3COOH + KOH (4) HF + NaOH

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