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The chemical substance which is taken to maintain the health of human life and to treat any disease and injury is called medicine. its treat all kinds of diseases and if you have any serious disease then it works to reduce it.

Every person has to use medicine at some point because you can get any kind of infection at some point of time, it is used to reduce it or to eliminate it, you can use these medicines every day. do or sometimes it completely depends on your disease

Modern are made by scientists in laboratories and are based on substances found in nature.
The active ingredients in the substances are identified, extracted and purified. then tested repeatedly in many different ways before it is marketed. This allows scientists to make sure that the medicine is safe and to identify its side effects.

The 4 Categories of Medication

General Sales List

GSL is a drug that you can buy from anywhere, although there are some legal restrictions on these but which are generally not considered dangerous. This does not mean that this medicine comes without any risk, so you should use them with caution Paracetamol Vitamins Vitamins etc.

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You can buy these from behind the pharmacy counter for free. If you have to identify these medicines, then ‘P’ is printed on the top of the packet.
Mild sleeping tablets, stronger antihistamines, and Viagra are some examples of these.

Prescription Only Medicines

POM should be taken only after doctor’s advice because taking medicine without prescription can have harmful effects as well as serious addiction to you. Insulin, anti-depressants and stronger sleeping medication are some examples of this.

Controlled Drugs

These medicines fall in the most serious categories, it should be used very carefully after consulting a professional doctor. and are listed under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, on the packets to identify these drug. POM” and “CD” are written

Modern medicines may come in many forms such as

  • liquids
  • powders
  • capsules and tablets.
  • Creams and ointments
  • Injections
  • Implants or patches
  • Inhalers
  • Drops

There are many types of Medicine

  1. Antipyretics- reducing fever (pyrexia/pyresis)
  2. Analgesics- reducing pain (painkillers)
  3. Tranquilizers- meprobamate, chlorpromazine, reserpine, chlordiazepoxide, diazepam, and alprazolam
  4. Statins- lovastatin, pravastatin, and simvastatin
  5. Antiseptics- prevention of germ growth near burns, cuts and wounds
  6. Antimalarial drugs- treating malaria
  7. Antibiotics- inhibiting germ growth
  8. Oral contraceptives- Enovid, “biphasic” pill, and “triphasic” pill
  9. Stimulants- methylphenidate, amphetamine
  10. Mood stabilizers- lithium and valpromide
  11. Hormone replacements- Premarin

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