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Tiles have become a necessity in every household nowadays, whether you are constructing a new house or setting up a new office. The requirement for floor tiles and wall tiles is undeniable. The surge in tile popularity can be attributed to their easy maintenance and the extensive variety available in the market. You can utilize tiles of your preference to adorn your living spaces. The market offers an array of options including bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles for both walls and floors. Anuj Tiles tiles come in a wide selection of colors, patterns, materials, textures, and finishes.

If you opt for well-designed tiles for your rooms, they will enhance the beauty of your home. In such a scenario, if you are considering a tile brand for your home, this article will provide you with information about Anuj Tiles’ Price List 2023 PDF, sizes, colors, patterns, and more.

About Company

Anuj Tiles, one of the leading tile companies in India, is known for its excellent infrastructure in the country, especially for the production of ceramic tiles. They have a spacious facility of more than 5000 square meters which includes various types of equipment.

Anuj Tiles has 25 years of experience in the industry and has been a leading manufacturer in South India for 16 years. They have their own showroom branches and prime dealers located all over South India.

Tile Sizes and Designs: Anuj Tiles

Anuj Tiles offers a wide range of tile sizes to fit any project’s specific needs, including 300 x 300mm, 375 x 250mm, 450 x 300mm, and 600 x 300mm. The tiles are available in both glossy and matte finishes and come in a variety of multi-color options to suit any design aesthetic.

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Customers can choose from a range of patterns, including check, stripes, floral, circle, pebble, ocean, and random designs. Depending on the size of the tiles, each carton contains between 8 to 10 tiles. With options for laying areas in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, and office, Anuj Tiles provides a versatile solution for any tiling project.

Anuj Tiles Price List

Tiles ListPrice
Anuj Vitrified Step Risers Tiles, 12×12, Matte₹40/ sq ft
Vitrified Anuj Floor Tiles, 2×2 Feet(60×60 cm), Glossy₹40/ sq ft
Anuj ceramic Roofing Tile Works, Dimensions: 12×12₹32/ Piece
Glossy Anuj Vitrified Floor Tiles, Size: 2×2 Feet(600×600 mm)₹40/ sq ft
Anuj Bathroom tiles₹50/ sq ft
Anuj Kitchen tiles₹25/ sq ft
Anuj Elevation tiles₹70/ sq ft
Anuj Parking tiles₹35/ sq ft
Anuj Cool roof tiles₹32/ sq ft

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Anuj Tiles Available in Different Sizes

  • Bathroom digital wall tiles 450x300mm
  • Kitchen digital wall tiles 450x300mm
  • Elevation digital tiles 450x300mm
  • Bathroom digital wall tiles 600x300mm
  • Kitchen digital wall tiles 600x300mm
  • Elevation digital tiles 600x300mm
  • Anti-slippery tiles 300x300mm
  • Nano floor tiles 600x600mm
  • Double charge vitrified tiles 600x600mm
  • Double charge vitrified tiles 800x800mm
  • Prima hgvt vitrified tiles 1200x600mm
  • Carvin vitrified tiles 1200x600mm
  • Pgvt vitrified tiles 1200x600mm
  • Clorodo matt vitrified tiles 1200x600mm
  • Slab vitrified tiles 1600x800mm
  • Slab vitrified tiles 1200x800mm
  • Digital poster series 450x300mm
  • Wood plank wall & floor 1000x200mm
  • Step & riser (step – 1200x300mm) (riser – 1200x200mm)
  • Step & riser (step – 900x300mm) (riser – 900x200mm)
  • Rangoli single tile 600x600mm
  • Rangoli single tile 1200x1200mm
  • Sparkle glass tiles 1200x600mm
  • Golden single piece 600x600mm
  • Golden four-piece 600x600mm
  • Golden six-piece 600x600mm
  • 3d glass picture (1 tile set) 1200x600mm
  • Glass picture sparkle (2 tile set) 1200x600mm
  • 3d glass picture (3 tile set) 1200x600mm
  • Decorative digital border tiles 600x60mm
  • Decorative digital border tiles 600x100mm

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