IAS Arpit Gupta Upsc Notes, Strategy & Marksheet AIR-54 CSE 2021

Hello everyone, Today we are going to share with you (AIR 54, CSE 2021) IAS Arpit Gupta Notes pdf and strategy for general studies and mains marksheet, which are very important for UPSC Mains Exam.

Arpit belongs to Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh. He has done his graduation in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Roorkee. And also he has worked as a Financial Market Analyst for 3 months. And after leaving this job in 2019, he started his UPSC preparation.

Strategy for GS

Polity (you can pick any other, I am telling you my preference order). Go through at least 2 readings of Laxmikanth. Use a highlighter to mark important things. Now, go through PYQs, especially mains. You will find you can’t answer many questions. That’s because laxmikanth doesn’t cover many issues from mains perspective. These have to be covered from Vision’s value added material (VAM). Use upsc syllabus to pick up the value added material and complete them in one go (make short notes as you have a good understanding of polity already after reading Laxmikanth). Try to solve all PYQs now. No answer writing, simply framing answer in mind.

Geography. Cover it from NCERTs. Use Rajtanil Ma’am’s lectures if you think you lack clarity in any concept. PMFIAS notes are also a handy source. Any thing remaining can be covered with Vision’s VAM (use upsc syllabus to find the portion which needs to be covered through VAM). Look at the PYQs. Here, you might be able to solve almost all of them. If you can’t, just google the concept and make small notes on it. Now, brainstorming on all mains PYQs is a must. Practice diagram of every concept you learn.

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Economics. Read Sriram IAS’ notes or Mrunal Sir’s notes (as per your comfort). They both comprehensively cover the syllabus. Use VAM if needed. Go through PYQs and brainstorm. 

Environment. Easy subject. From mains perspective, you need very less things to know. Try to cover issues from mains 365 of previous year. Use VAM if needed. Look at the PYQs and you will find they are very general and easy to answer. But you have to prepare quality content. Theme based notes must be prepared (like climate change, air pollution etc)

Modern History. Go through Spectrum once. If possible, try to go through NCERTs to have a grasp of the story. From mains perspective, cover “events”, “personalities”, “contributions” (syllabus keywords). Make notes around cause, consequence, phases and features etc. Look at PYQs, you will find almost all of it is focused on the keyword I talked about (decoded this early in prep hence history was my stronghold). 

Art & Culture. Use Nitin Singhania and NCERTs selectively to prepare notes on S&T, coins, painting, archi, dance, music. There is no end to the syllabus here but you have to be selective because it is low yield topic in mains. Look at PYQs and you will curse yourself for even making those notes.

Society. It is easy again because most of us know about society. Here, framework development and uniqueness of content with examples becomes key. Use VAM and search for good examples. See PYQs and prepare framework on dealing with society questions (much needed since the question is always abstract worded). 

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Internal security. Use Vajiram’s yellow book (found it really good). Make notes based on syllabus keywords. Look at PYQs and try to solve. Most of them are theme based so prep becomes easy.

Governance. Use VAM. Go through PYQs. 

Now you can cover other remaining topics like disaster management, agriculture, sci&tech etc. Simply look at PYQs and prepare around it.

Topics like international relations which need only basic current awareness should be prepared between prelims and mains from mains 365. 

ETHICS : Go through Lukmaan notes. Read them 2 times at least. Before reading this, go through “Justice” series on youtube to understand basics of Ethics. This is the subject which gives low cost high benefit. Case studies can be practiced from various toppers’ copies available freely on coaching websites. Reading toppers’ copies is of immense benefit in Ethics.

Upsc Notes of Arpit Gupta


Disaster Management

Important Aspect of Government

Post independence

Internal Security

Modern History


Major Crops & Cropping Pattern

GS booklist

GS1Modern – spectrum
Ancient & Medieval (for prelims) – NCERT
Art & culture – Nitin Singhania
World history – Google topics like 1st-2nd WW, integration of Germany & Italy, Industrial revolution. 
Society – Mains365 of previous year & vision’s value added material
Geography – NCERT (9th to 12th)
Minerals+industrial location – I didn’t study (it is a subject in itself so simply left)
Remaining topics – cover from Vision’s value added material
GS2Polity – Laxmikanth
Governance – vision’s value added material
International relations – mains365
Remaining topics – cover from Vision’s value added material
GS3Economy – mains365
Environment – Vision’s value added material and mains 365
Disaster Management – Basics & NDMA guidelines regarding all notified disasters in news (google or any source)
Science & tech – mains365 (selectively)
Agriculture – Vision’s value added 
Remaining topics – vision’s value added 
GS4Lukmaan notes (print out and pdf both available in market). I simply read the notes & tried to understand as many values as I could. 
Current Affairs – Mains365 for Mains 
Prelims Booklist remains the same for history, polity & geography.
Economy – Read basics from Sriram’s notes and current from any current affairs source (vision’s or forum’s or any magazines). You can go for Mrunal too if you want.
Environment – Can read Shankar IAS for basics. Cover current from any current affairs source (vision’s or forum’s or any magazines)
Science & Tech – Any magazine (try to understand new techs rather than mugging up facts here).
Math OptionalLinear Algebra – Shaums/Krishna series
Calculus – Malik & Arora or any engg book
3D – Krishna series/PNC
ODE – MD Raisinghania
Vector Analysis – Any engg book.
Statics & Dynamics – Krishna series
Modern Algebra – R Kumar (2 books – one of group & other of ring)
Real Analysis – Malik & Arora
Complex Analysis – Krishna Series
LPP – Watch any engg youtube channel and learn simplex, trasportation & assignment.
Numerical Analysis – Iyengar 
PDE – MD Raisinghania
Mechanics – Krishna
Fluid – MD Raisinghania

Mains Marksheet

IAS Arpit Gupta Marksheet

Source: https://t.me/arpit_gupta_54

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