AutoCAD Commands List with Shortcut Keys PDF

If you belong to the field of engineering, you must have heard the name of AutoCAD. It is a type of software, which is used to create building plans, architectural designs and blueprints of complex graphics. To run this software, it is very important to have knowledge of different types of commands and shortcut keys. That’s why you are being given Commands and Shortcuts Keys List after PDF article.

AutoCAD Commands List

Learning AutoCAD starts with Commands. That’s why you should be aware of all types of important commands. You cannot learn AutoCAD without commands.

For example, the L command is used to draw simple lines. The C command is used to create a circle. ARC is used to make Arc, REC is used to make Rectangle.

Apart from this, ML Command is used to draw multiple parallel lines. The COUNT command is used to count the number of blocks. SP is used to check spelling mistakes. 

Ldraw simple line
RECmake a rectangle
LAto open the layer properties manager palette
REVCLOUDto make revision clouds 
DONUTIt creates two circles with a filled area in between
COUNTcommand shows the number of blocks in a drawing in tabular form. 
MULTIPLErepeat any command without pressing enter key
OOPSto restore the last deleted object
TIMEinformation about Created Date, Editing Time, Last Updated etc
IDto find the coordinate values of a point in AutoCAD drawing.
APLoad Application
BCCloses the Block Editor
COLSets the colour for new objects
DCONApplies dimensional constraints to selected objects or points on objects
EXExtends objects to meet the edges of other objects
LECreates a leader and leader annotation
MVCreates and controls layout viewports

AutoCAD Shortcut Keys

AutoCAD also has such Keyboard Shortcuts or Hotkeys, using which you can make the way of working in this software more quick.

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Ctrl + N is used to create a New Drawing Tab. Similarly, Ctrl + S to save, Ctrl + 1 to open properties, Ctrl + Tab to switch to next, Ctrl + Z or Ctrl + Y for Undo / Redo last action, F10 for toggle polar mode Is used.

Ctrl+GToggle Grid
Ctrl+ECycle isometric planes
Ctrl+FToggle running object snaps
Ctrl+2Design Centre Palette
Ctrl+3Tool Palette
Ctrl+ASelect all objects
F1Display Help
Ctrl+7Markup Set Manager Palette
Ctrl+8Quick Calc
Ctrl+9Command Line
Ctrl+HToggle Pick Style
Ctrl+Page DownSwitch to next tab in current drawing
Ctrl+Shift+HToggle Hide pallets
F6Toggle Dynamic UCS
F7Toggle grid mode
Ctrl+YRedo last action
F10Toggle polar mode
Ctrl+IToggle Coords
Ctrl+Shift+IToggle Infer Constraints
Ctrl+TabSwitch to next
Ctrl+Shift+TabSwitch to previous drawing
F5Toggle Isoplane
F11Toggle object snap tracking
F12Toggle dynamic input mode
ESCCancel current command
Ctrl+0 (zero)Clean Screen
Ctrl+Shift+CCopy to clipboard with base point
Ctrl+Shift+VPaste data as block
Ctrl+VPaste object
Ctrl+CCopy object
Ctrl+XCut object
F9Toggle snap mode
F4Toggle 3DOsnap
Ctrl+6DBConnect Manager
Ctrl+ZUndo last action
F8Toggle ortho mode
Ctrl+OOpen drawing
Ctrl+PPlot dialog box
Ctrl+EToggle coordinate display
Ctrl+4Sheet Set Palette
Ctrl+Page UpSwitch to previous tab in current drawing
Ctrl+[Cancel current command (or ctrl+\)
Ctrl+NNew Drawing
Ctrl+SSave drawing
F2Toggle text screen
Ctrl+1Property Palette
F3Toggle object snap mode

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