Becoming Bulletproof PDF, ePub, Mobi Book By Evy Poumpouras

Download Becoming Bulletproof PDF, ePub, Mobi By Evy Poumpouras Book

One of the best highly rated book ‘Becoming Bulletproof’, written by Evy Poumpouras.

We get to learn a lot from reading this ebook, it educates people, how you can help yourself, read people’s mind, and influence how to handle situations well.

The author has written this book keeping his experience in mind. The book has been made by sharing the experience of all the problems he faced while working in the Agent of the United States of America Secret Service, and how you can protect yourself.

Author had also worked as a National TV Contributor in NBC, CNN etc. Apart from this, she has also worked as a professor at The City University of New York.

Why Should We Read This Book?

Protect Yourself – If you are not able to protect yourself, then you will find all kinds of ways in this, due to which you will be able to protect yourself. Because many people have fear of something in their mind, due to which their life is not able to run properly.

Read People – All kinds of information has been given about how you can read people’s mind.

Influence Situations – There are some situations in which a person is not able to take the right decision, if you take the wrong decision, then due to this there is a bad effect throughout your life.

Live Fearlessly – People who live with fear must book, because of this you get the right path, so that you can live your life without any fear.

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Summary Of The Book

In the first chapter, the author is learning to understand and control your fear, so that you can move forward without any fear.

According to him, if the influence of fear is more inside you, then it can panic towards your work. So that all your decisions go wrong, apart from this it prevents you from reaching the target.

To reduce this over, you should speak openly and honestly.

In the second chapter, it has been told that how you can overcome your fear, and make yourself strong. Apart from this, fear can never limit you, it has been told.

In the third chapter, you have been told, how you can create a protective seat between yourself and the heavy world, as if you are away from all kinds of negative energy.

The next chapter tells you how you can enhance resilience during mental crises.

Many people believe that resilience is a genetic specification, but it is not that you have to work hard to achieve it.

You get to see a lot in the last chapter. According to this, first of all, recognize your weakness and think, how you can overcome it, understand the situation and take action.

Some Important Key Points Present In The Book

You should wear a good type of clothing, due to which you can make a powerful impact on people.

Always respect others because when you respect others, you also get the opposite reaction.

Every human being lies. If this has happened to you as well, then never take people personally, if you do this, then definitely you can be successful in life.

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