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The biggest holy book of Sanatan Dharma is Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. Which has been written in Sanskrit language by Maharishi Ved Vyas ji.

It has a total of 18 chapters and 700 verses. In Indian culture, the place which is of Upanishads, the same place has been told of Gita. In Indian culture, the Upanishads have called the cow i.e. the cow and the Gita as its milk.

The Brahmanism of the Vedas and the spirituality of the Upanishads are found in the Gita, hence the Gita has been given the best place in Hinduism.

The Mahabharata war is about to begin. But just before the war, Arjuna refuses to fight because he has family members against whom he does not want to fight, after that Lord Krishna explains to him that this is his religion. Arjuna must fight for the victory of good over truth.

When Arjuna still does not understand. Then Shri Krishna preaches to Arjuna. These objectives given by Lord Shri Krishna have been included in the best book called Bhagavad Gita.

The importance of Bhagavad Gita in modern life has been told. Because with the knowledge of Gita, you do any work with true dedication and sincerity. In this book you have been told what to do and what not to do.

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Not only in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, it is attracting people in foreign countries, so that in this book the purpose of living life and the principle of Karma Yoga has been told. Anyone who reads Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. His life is filled with positive aspects and that person does all the work in life honestly and positively.

Dharma in the Gita means the wearer or the one who is burnt. The person who wears it is called the soul and the person who is wearing it has come to nature. The entire Gita is the extract of all the scriptures. After reading Gita, your intellect develops and you are able to think positively.

18 Chapters of Bhagavad Gita

  1. The first chapter- ‘Arjuna Vishada Yoga’.
  2. The second chapter- ‘Samkhya Yoga’.
  3. The third chapter- ‘Karmayoga’.
  4. Fourth Chapter- ‘Gyan karma Sanyasa Yoga’.
  5. Fifth Chapter- ‘Karma Sanyasa Yoga’.
  6. Sixth Chapter- ‘Atmasyam Yoga’.
  7. Seventh Chapter- ‘Gyan Vigyan Yoga’.
  8. Eighth Chapter- ‘Aksharbrahma Yoga’.
  9. Ninth Chapter- ‘Rajvidyarajguhyayoga’.
  10. The tenth chapter – ‘Vibhuti yoga’.
  11. Eleventh Chapter- ‘Vishwaroop Darshan’.
  12. Twelfth Chapter- ‘Bhakti Yoga’.
  13. Thirteenth Chapter- ‘Kshetra Kshetra Vibhag Yoga’.
  14. Fourteenth Chapter – ‘Gunatraya Vibhaga Yoga’.
  15. Fifteenth Chapter- ‘Purushottama Yoga’.
  16. Sixteenth Chapter- ‘Daivasura sampad vibhaga yoga’.
  17. Seventeenth Chapter- ‘Shraddha Traya Vibhaga Yoga’.
  18. Eighteenth Chapter- ‘Moksha Sanyasa Yoga’.

तुम्ही खाली दिलेल्या थेट लिंकवरून मराठीत भगवद्गीता डाउनलोड करू शकता.

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