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Hello Guys today I am going to share Bija Mantra List PDF 2021 with you which you can also download from below link.

What is Bija Mantra

Bija Mantras are sounds endowed with great spiritual powers believed in Hinduism, also known as Vedic Beej Mantras. Where does it go that these Bija Mantras work like a battery in a human being and at the same time if you chant these Bija Mantras with concentration then this Bija Mantra fulfills the wishes of the devotees and provides them with a protective shield. that all dangers or obstacles that come to them are removed.

Just as we get a tree by sowing a seed and after that it is used in various ways and at the same time it gives us fruit, in the same way Bija Mantra is like a seed whose chanting gives us all kinds of problems. The solution is found and a protective shield is formed around us that protects us from all the difficulties that come. Beej Mantra of each God is also different

Benefits of Bija Mantra

It is said that if you chant all these Bija (Beej) Mantra with true heart then you get full benefit of it and your life is always full of happiness.

It is also believed that if you chant the miraculous and effective beach mantras, then you can get rid of all kinds of problems related to water, fire, air in all directions.

By the use of Bija Mantra, one gets rid of all kinds of diseases, all kinds of fear, anxiety, trouble, attachment, illusion.

You should chant Beej Mantra in all situations of happiness and sorrow.

Origin of Bija Mantra

The origin of all Bija Mantra is believed to be from the original Vedic mantra OM. It is said that all Bija Mantras have been born through OM. Bija Mantra can be divided into the following categories.

  • Yoga Bija Mantra
  • Tejo Bija Mantra
  • Shanti Bija Mantra
  • Raksha Bija Mantra

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