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Hi, learners today we are going to share with you all the Important Collective Nouns Phrases List PDF which are commonly used while speaking English. Collective nouns can be defined as “collective nouns are words that are treated as a single word but describe a group of people, places, things or ideas. A wide variety of such words exist. But all of them cannot be used in every context”.

Each language has its own traditional vocabulary which is used in the same form. Here we have given some group words in English that you can practice. Practice these words in the English language practice. Not a bouquet of grapes, but a bunch of grapes will do. Similarly, all other words have to be used appropriately.


By using Collective Nouns, your language becomes more simple and you are able to say effectively what you were saying in simple words, apart from this makes the accuracy of the English language even, so if you are any If you want to say things effectively then you must use Collective Nouns.

these types of nouns can be used for the following groups. Used For People, Used For Animals, Used For Things

25 Important Collective Phrases

A bunch (बंच) of grapesअंगूरों का गुच्छा
A series (सीरीज़) of eventsघटनाओं की श्रृंखला
A bunch (बंच) of keysचाभियों का गुच्छा
A herd (हर्ड) of swineसुअरों का झुण्ड
A heap (हीप) of stones or sandबजरी या रेता का ढेर
A hive (हाइव) of beesमक्खियों (मधुमक्खियों) का समूह
A herd (हर्ड) of deerहिरनों का झुण्ड
A crowd (क्राउड) of peopleलोगों की भीड़
A flock (फ्लॉक) of sheepभेडों का रेवड
A flight (फ्लाइट) of birdsपक्षियों का दल
A bundle (बंडल) of sticks.लकड़ियों का गट्ठर
A range (रेंज) of cliffsचोटियों की श्रृंखला
A pack (पैक) of hounds.शिकारी कुत्तों का झुण्ड
A troop (टूप) of horsesघोड़ों की टुकड़ी
A galaxy (गैलैक्सी) of starsतारों का समूह
A bouquet (बुके) of flowersफलों का गुलदस्ता
A grove (ग्रोव) of treesपेड़ों का झुण्ड
A pair (पेअर) of shoesजूतों का जोड़ा
A gang (गैंग) of labourersमजदूरों की टोली
A swarm (स्वॉर्म) of fliesमक्खियों का झण्ड
A chain (चेन) of mountainsपहाड़ों की श्रृंखला
A regiment (रेजीमेंट) of soldiersसैनिकों की टुकड़ी
A heap (हीप) of rubbishकूड़े का ढेर
A group (ग्रुप) of islandsवीपों का समूह
A herd (हर्ड) of cattleजानवरों का झुण्ड

Others List of Collective Nouns

  • A chain of mountains (पर्वतों की श्रेणी)
  • A volley of missiles (शस्त्रों की वर्षा)
  • A bowl of stones/arrows (पत्थरों/बाणों की वर्षा)
  • A swarm of ants (चीटियों का झुंड)
  • A regiment of soldiers (सैनिकों का समूह)
  • A troop of children (बच्चों का समूह)
  • A series of events (घटनाओं का क्रम)
  • A tuft of grass (घास का गुच्छा)
  • A band of nomads (घुमक्कड़ ओं का जत्था)
  • A stock of clothes (वस्त्रों का संग्रह)
  • A bundle of clothes (कपड़ों का गट्ठर)
  • A packet of cigarette (सिगरेट का डिब्बा)
  • A cluster of stars (तारों का झुंड)
  • A pack of wolves/hounds (वीडियो या शिकारी कुत्तों का झुंड)
  • A litter of puppies (कुत्ते के बच्चों का झुंड)
  • A cluster of stars (तारों का झुंड)
  • A hard of swine (सुअरों का झुंड)
  • A shoal of fish (मछलियों का समूह)
  • A quiver of arrows (तीरों का समूह)
  • A gang of robbers (डाकूओं का समूह)
  • A jury of judges (न्यायाधीशों का समूह)
  • A peal of laughters (हंसोड़ों का समूह)
  • A herd of cattle (पशुओं का झुंड)
  • A pile of books (पुस्तकों का गट्ठर)
  • A lock of hair (बालों की लट)
  • A band of musicians (संगीतज्ञों की मंडली)
  • A gang of robbers (डाकुओं का समूह)
  • A flock of birds (चिड़ियों का झुंड )
  • A crowd of people (लोगों की भीड़)
  • A choir of singe (गायकों की मंडली)
  • A group of students (छात्रों का समूह)
  • A nest of ants (चींटियों का जन्म)
  • A suit of room (कमरों का सैट)
  • A drove of cattle (पशुओं का समुदाय)
  • A crew of sailors/boatmen ( नागरिकों का समूह )
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Collective Nouns for PeopleCollective Nouns for Animals
A caravan of gypsiesAn exaltation of larks
A line of kingsA trip of dotterel
A team of playersA wisp of snipe
A tribe of nativesA school of whales
A class of studentsA bale of turtles
A troupe of artistesA party of jays
A posse of policemenA host of sparrows
A crew of sailorsA murder of crows
A crowd of peopleA muster of peafowl
A company of actorsA covey of partridge
A bevy of ladiesA brace of ducks
A patrol of policemenA troop of kangaroos
A troop of scoutsA scold of jays
A mob of riotersA team of ducks
A bunch of crocksA leap of leopards
A party of friendsA flock of geese
A congregation of worshippersA nest of turtles
A band of musiciansA pod of whales
A body of menA mustering of storks
A horde of savagesA stand of flamingos
A dynasty of kingsA cast of hawks
A board of directorsA mob of kangaroos
A gang of prisonersA sedge of herons
A regiment of soldierscackle of hyenas
A staff of employeesAn army of frogs
A group of dancers 
A pack of thieves 
A host of angels 
A choir of singers 
Collective Nouns for ThingsCollective Nouns for Food
A batch of breadA bottle of milk
A cloud of dustA can of soda
A group of islandsA load/ slice/ piece of bread
A ream of paperA cup of tea
A library of booksA piece of cookies
A harvest of wheatA slice/ piece of cheese
A bouquet of flowersA bowl of soup
A bowl of riceA box of cereal
A wad of notesA bowl of rice
An album of photographsA bar/ piece/ square of chocolate
A comb of bananasA carton of milk
A galaxy of starsA slice/ piece of cake
A chest of drawers 
A heap of rubbish 
A clump of bushes 
A bunch of keys 
A book of notes 
A hail of bullets 
An archipelago of islands 
An anthology of poems 
A string of pearls 
A set of clubs 
A bale of cotton 
A collection of coins 
A basket of fruit 
A quiver of arrows 
An outfit of clothes 
A sheaf of grain 
A stack of wood 
A cluster of coconuts 
A reel of film 
A block of flats 
A catalog of prices 
An orchard of fruit trees 
A range of mountains 
A fleet of ships 
A bundle of sticks 
A pair of shoes 
A hand of bananas 
A hedge of bushes 
A shower of rain 
A packet of letters 
A forest of trees 
A battery of guns 
A pack of cards 

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