Old NCERT Contemporary World History PDF

Hi, Readers in this post we are going to share with you all the best history book for Class 12th and also best for UPSC CSE writer of this books are Indira Arjun Dev, Arjun Dev and we have provided download link of Old NCERT Contemporary World History PDF Free which you can download from the given link below.

As we know this is one of the best subject in upsc exam and the best things is that this book cover all the impotent topics also suggested by many upsc topper.

it helps us understand other people, their cultures, and how they see the world.

World history helps us understand why wars happen and how to prevent them. also helps us understand injustice, even today.

BookContemporary World History Class 12 Part 1 (B/W Book)
AuthorIndira Arjun Dev, Arjun Dev
Publishing Date2000
Number of Pages220

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