DD Free Dish TV Channel List 2023 PDF

DD Free Dish New TV Channel List With Frequency 2023 PDF Download

Hello friends, today I am going to share with you the DD Free Dish New Channel List PDF with Frequency. You get all types of new, old, HD, Full HD, and SD channels included.

Because many people do not know about the channel frequency of DD Free Dish, through this post you will get PDF with the full list, with the help of which you can download the complete list of Free Dish channels. Because in Free Dish Set Top Box you get to watch more than 150 channels for free.

there are two types of DD Free Dish Set-top box

  • MPEG-2
  • MPEG-4

But you get all different types of people in both dd free dish. Like in mpeg2 set top box you get 88+ channels whereas in mpeg4/HD TV Channel set-top box you get 16+ HD channels apart from 88 channels Whereas about 50+ educational channels are found in it.

You go through so many stages without any monthly Charges their number is about 150+ You get high-quality channels in Mpeg2 and Mpeg4 Free Dish setup box You will get the list of all DD Free Dish Channels in a PDF File for you, and along with this you can also see its frequency from where you can change the frequency in your TV set-top box and correct its setting and you will get all types of channels.

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Entertainment channel

Channel NameSatelliteFrequency
DD National11090V29500
Sony Pal11470V29500
Zee Anmol11470V29500
Star Utsav11170V29500

Hindi Movie Channel List

Channel NameSatellite Frequency
Sony WAH11550V29500
Zee Anmol Cinema11470V29500
Maha Movie11510V29500
ABZY Movies11090V29500
Movie Plus11470V29500

Hindi Music TV Channel

Channel NameSatellite Frequency
Zing11550 V 29500
B4U Music11510 V 29500
MTV Beats11550 V 29500

Hindi News Channels

Channel NameSatellite Frequency
Zee News11510 V 29500
Zee Hindustan11510 V 29500
ANB News11630 V 30000
India TV11510 V 29500
News Nation11510 V 29500

Devotional TV Channel 

Channel NameSatellite Frequency
Aastha11630 V 30000
Sanskar11630 V 30000
Satsang11630 V 30000
Vedic11630 V 30000
Sadhana11550 V 29500

Sports/Parliament TV Channels

ChannelNameSatellite Frequency
RSTV11170 V 29500
Lok Sabha11170 V 29500
DD Sports11550 V 29500

MPEG-2 List – SD

Channel NameFrequency List
DD News11090V29500
DD National11090V29500
DD Retro11090V29500
DD Kisan11090V29500
Zee Anmol11090V29500
DD Bangla11090V29500
DD Chandana11090V29500
DD Girnar11090V29500
DD Kashir11090V29500
Abzy Movies11090V29500
DD Arunprabha11090V29500
B4U Movies11090V29500
Aaj Tak Tej11090V29500
B4u Bhojpuri11090V29500
Dhinchaak Movies11090V29500
Big Magic Ganga11090V29500
DD Meghalaya11090V29500
DD Manipur11090V29500
Abzy Dhakad11170V29500
DD Oriya11170V29500
DD Podhigai11170V29500
DD Punjabi11170V29500
DD Sahyadri11170V29500
DD Yadagiri11170V29500
DD Malayalam11170V29500
LS TV11170V29500
RS TV11170V29500
Shemaroo TV11170V29500
Dangal TV11170V29500
Bhojpuri Cinema11170V29500
Zee Biskope11170V29500
Abzy Cool11170V29500
Star Utsav11170V29500
Surya Cinema11170V29500
DD Nagaland11170V29500
DD Tripura11170V29500
Sony PAL11470V29500
Rishtey Cineplex11470V29500
Movie Plus11470V29500
DD Saptagiri11470V29500
Colors Rishtey11470V29500
B4U Kadak11470V29500
Manoranjan TV11470V29500
TV9 Bharatvarsh11470V29500
DD Uttar Pradesh11470V29500
DD Madhya Pradesh11470V29500
Zee Anmol Cinema11470V29500
NDTV India11470V29500
Surya Bhojpuri11470V29500
Enterr10 Movies11470V29500
DD Assam11470V29500
DD Mizoram11470V29500
DD Chhattisgarh11470V29500
Big Magic11510V29500
News18 India11510V29500
Maha Movie11510V29500
Zee Hindustan11510V29500
DD Bharati11510V29500
DD Urdu11510V29500
B4U Music11510V29500
India TV11510V29500
News Nation11510V29500
Republic TV11510V29500
Aaj Tak11510V29500
ABP News11510V29500
Zee News11510V29500
DD Uttarakhand11510V29500
Zee Punjabi11510V29500
Manoranjan Movies11550V29500
Star Utsav Movies11550V29500
Sadhana Bhakti11550V29500
DD Rajasthan11550V29500
DD Sports11550V29500
DD Bihar11550V29500
DD Jharkhand11550V29500
Sony Wah11550V29500
Maha Punjabi11550V29500
DD India11550V29500
Lord buddha TV11550V29500
MTV Beats11550V29500
Fakt Marathi11550V29500
Shemaroo Marathibana11550V29500
Sun Marathi11550 V 29500
Naaptol11550 V 29500
Enterr10 Bangla11550 V 29500
Test 52011550 V 29500
Show Box11550 V 29500
Ishara TV11550 V 29500

MPEG4 List – HD

Channel NameSatellite Frequency
Home Channel11630V30000
Chardikla Time TV11630V30000
DD Goa11630V30000
DD Haryana11630V30000
DD Himachal11630V30000
Sahara Samay11630V30000
Satsang TV11630V30000
Sudarshan News11630V30000
VIP News11630V30000
Live Today11630V30000
News State UP/UK11630V30000
News India 24X711630V30000
Aryan TV11630V30000
BTV World11630V30000
KBS World11630V30000
DD National HD11630V30000
Popular TV11630V30000
ANB News11630V30000
India News Rajasthan11630V30000

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