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Hello friends, today I am going to share Delhi Liquor Price List 2023 PDF with all of you which you can download and read from the link given below. For the last few years, it has been seen that the price of liquor in Delhi is increasing day by day. Because the Delhi and Central Governments levy tax on Liquor but this year Delhi Government reduced VAT (Value Added Tax). Despite this, the price of Liquor in Delhi increased by 8-10℅.

Language English
Liquor typesDesi Daru, whiskey, vodka, wine, brandy, rum, beer, champagne
GovernmentDelhi Government

Delhi Government has implemented a new Liquor Policy, under which all Government Liquor Shops will remain closed on Tuesdays and New Private Vends have been allowed to remain open on Wednesdays. Delhi government has given permission to all liquor shops to open shop from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. Apart from this, the government has tried to give all liquor shops in private hands so that people can have a good experience.

According to one data, there are a total of 850 liquor vends in Delhi. And all these shops have now become private. Also, the Delhi government has reduced the legal drinking age limit from 25 years to 21 years. Apart from this, you cannot drink alcohol in the open, if you do so then appropriate action will be taken against you. The Delhi government has given a new policy to Delhi through the New Liquor Policy, after which the front door of the liquor shop in Delhi will not open on the streets.

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All Season Whisky Price in Delhi 2023 List

Whisky NameLocationVolumePrice in INR
Royal Stag Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 530
Royal Stag Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 130
Royal Stag Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 240
Royal Stag Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 450
Imperial Blue Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 540
Imperial Blue Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 130
Imperial Blue Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 250
Imperial Blue Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 460
McDowells No. 1 Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 500
McDowells No. 1 Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 110
McDowells No. 1 Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 220
McDowells No. 1 Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 400
Sterling Reserve B10 Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 1000
Sterling Reserve B10 Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 190
Sterling Reserve B10 Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 380
Sterling Reserve B10 Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 750
Blenders Pride Whisky PriceDelhi90 mlRs 110
Blenders Pride Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 185
Blenders Pride Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 370
Blenders Pride Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 750
Blenders Pride Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 990
Rockford Reserve Whisky PriceDelhi90 mlRs 130
Rockford Reserve Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 220
Rockford Reserve Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 440
Rockford Reserve Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 850
Rockford Reserve Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 1150
Royal Green Classic Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 530
Royal Green Classic Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 130
Royal Green Classic Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 240
Royal Green Classic Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 450
Antiquity Blue Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 260
Antiquity Blue Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 500
Antiquity Blue Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 950
Antiquity Blue Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 1200
Teachers 50 Blended Scotch WhiskyDelhi375 mlRs 1150
Teachers 50 Blended Scotch WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 2000
Teachers 50 Blended Scotch WhiskyDelhi1000 mlRs 2700
Signature Rare Aged Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 380
Signature Rare Aged Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 750
Signature Rare Aged Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 990
Indian Liquor Price List in Delhi 2021-22
All Seasons Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 660
All Seasons Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 250
All Seasons Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 480
All Seasons Whisky PriceDelhi90 mlRs 60
Dennis Special Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 185
Dennis Special Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 370
Dennis Special Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 90
Dennis Special Whisky PriceDelhi90 mlRs 45
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 470
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 850
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 210
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky PriceDelhi90 mlRs 120
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 1250
Officers Choice Blue Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 190
Officers Choice Blue Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 370
Officers Choice Blue Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 100
Golfers Shot Whisky PriceDelhi60 mlRs 65
Golfers Shot Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 400
Golfers Shot Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 800
Golfers Shot Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 210
8 PM Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 260
8 PM Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 520
8 PM Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 130
Directors Special Black Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 260
Directors Special Black Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 480
Directors Special Black Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 130
Royal Pride Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 470
Royal Pride Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 950
Royal Pride Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 240
Paul John Bold Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 4500
Paul John Bold Whisky PriceDelhi50 mlRs 300
Paul John Peated Select Cask PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 5400
Rampur Single Malt Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 5800
After Dark Premium Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 310
After Dark Premium Whisky PriceDelhi90 mlRs 100
After Dark Premium Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 190
After Dark Premium Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 450
Redbreast 15 Year Old Irish Whiskey PriceDelhi700 mlRs 7200
Black & Gold Rare Premium Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 150
Black & Gold Rare Premium Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 280
Black & Gold Rare Premium Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 560
Black & Gold Rare Premium Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 150
Black & Gold Rare Premium Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 280
Black & Gold Rare Premium Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 560
Bagpiper Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 100
Bagpiper Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 210
Bagpiper Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 420
Ballantines Finest WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 1700
Ballantines 12-Year-Old WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 2700
Ballantine’s 17-Year-Old WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 7500
Ballantine’s 30-Year-Old WhiskyDelhi700 mlRs 24800
Ballantine’s Purity / Signature ScotchDelhi750 mlRs 28600
Ballantine’s Pure Malt Scotch WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 3600
Ballantine’s Hard Fired WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 2500
Ballantine’s Serenity Scotch WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 7400
Ballantine’s 21-Year-Old WhiskyDelhi750 mlRs 9900
Whytehall Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 120
Whitehall Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 240
Whytehall Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 475
The Bowmore 12-Year-Old Whisky PriceDelhi700 mlRs 3800
The Bowmore 15-Year-Old Whisky PriceDelhi700 mlRs 5900
The Bowmore 25-Year-Old Whisky PriceDelhi700 mlRs 11200
Royal Challenge Whisky PriceDelhi180 mlRs 130
Royal Challenge Whisky PriceDelhi375 mlRs 240
Royal Challenge Whisky PriceDelhi750 mlRs 450
Royal Challenge Whisky PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 580
Sterling Reserve Blend 7 PriceDelhi180 mlRs 130
Sterling Reserve Blend 7 PriceDelhi375 mlRs 250
Sterling Reserve Blend 7 PriceDelhi750 mlRs 480
Sterling Reserve Blend 7 PriceDelhi1000 mlRs 630

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