Modern Diwan & Palang Design Catalogue 2023 PDF

Imagine that you come home after working for a long time, and lie down on an uncomfortable bed. So how would you feel? You will definitely not feel well. Because the bed is the only place in which a tired person experiences better. If your Diwan or Palang will be Unique & Best then all your fatigue will go away. That’s why today we have brought wooden Diwan Palang Design Catalogue PDF for all of you, which you can download from the link given below.

Apart from the classy look in the latest bed design, comfortless and variety of qualities are seen.

Buying Guide for Diwan & Palang

Whenever any furniture is bought in India, various things are taken care of before that. For example, price, durability, size etc. are important points, which should be kept in mind before buying a bed.

Anyway, a person stays in bed for about eight to 10 hours every day. That is, he spends almost a third of his life sleeping on the bed. So if you are thinking of buying a bed, then you should keep the following things in mind.

Wooden Frame – You are advised to buy sturdy wooden frames made of teak, plywood. This type of Diwan lasts for a long time. And do not get spoiled easily. Apart from this, the design of the rear part of the Palang should also be kept in mind. The bigger the design, the more money you have to pay.

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Size – There are two types of beds in India, which include single bed and double bed. If you are a Bachelor, then you should buy a single bed. Whereas if you are Married, then you should buy a Double Bed. However, you can customize the size of Diwan / Palang according to you.

Cost – Always fix your budget first. But also keep in mind that this bed will be yours for many years i.e. it will be a one time investment.

Storage – There are some Palang. in which there are also storage boxes, if you need storage to keep your belongings, then you must buy this type of Diwan.

Price List based on the Material & Size

In today’s time, there have been various types of inventions, due to which the design of the bed has also changed a lot. In earlier times, there were conventional beds, which had a wooden frame. And support was given to Mattress through Plank. But today’s Folding Bed like Diwan Palang has come. Which can be folded easily.

Wooden Bed Price based on the Material:

MaterialPrice Range (in Piece)
Teak WoodRs. 10000 – 67000
Sheesham WoodRs. 12000 – 65000
PlywoodRs. 4500 – 50000
Oak WoodRs. 8000 – 60000

Wooden Bed Price Catalogue based on the Bed Size:

Bed SizePrice Range ( in Piece)
SingleRs. 5000 – 30000
Full SizeRs. 6000 – 55000
Queen SizeRs. 12000 – 60000
King SizeRs. 1400 – 80000

Apart from this, convertible beds are such beds, which are made of metal frame, this type of Palang is used as a bed in the night and as a sofa in the day.

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Even in today’s time old-style beds are seen quite a lot, they have 4 vertical wooden posts all around. Which makes it very unique.

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