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Hello friends if you are also fond of reading Nobles, then today in this post I am going to share with you One of the best and recently published Nobel book The Rudest Book Ever PDF Free This book was written in English language and author of the book is Shwetabh Gangwar is a YouTuber and a professional problem solver with a great sense of analyzing the problems deeply and with a neutral perspective.  Many people have read this book so far as strange as the title of this book is, it is as much fun to read this book, you all can download the books from below link.


Whenever an author writes a book, he gives his 100% in writing the book  that whoever reads the book can reach the feelings of the author. Similarly, Shwetam Gangwar has written this book reflecting his feelings, that is the reason why people are liking this book very much.

At the beginning of the book, the author compares us as a product that has the expectations of many people, your parents’ expectations of your family’s your relative and most importantly your own expectations. That you will be a successful person by reading and illuminating your parents ‘ name by doing great things in life and changing the world and many such expectations.

In the book the author asks himself this question The questions below give you an idea of where you are and where you want to be.

  • What is my ambition? (What do you want to become exactly? Where
    do you want to reach?)
  • What are my current goals? (Short-term and long-term goals to
    actualise the ambition mentioned above.)
  • What is the routine I need to achieve my goals? (Doesn’t need
  • What are my dreams? (Why do you want to achieve that?)
  • What is the nature of the line of work I have chosen? (How demanding
    is it?
  • What’s the scope for relaxation?
  • At what age and with what
    skillset would you have achieved credible respect in your field or

In this book, we will know how to work on our own perspective and How to get intelligence with maximum data, if you read this book, then this book may or may not be an inspiration for you. This book will give a new perspective to your thinking and emotional tents.

Content Of The Book

  1. Chapter 1. you are a product
  2. Chapter 2. you know you want to be special
  3. Chapter 3. what rejections do to us
  4. Chapter 4. people are weird
  5. Chapter 5. do failures mess you up?
  6. Chapter 6. finding love can be a pain in the ass
  7. Chapter 7. how your self dies
  8. Chapter 8. screw happiness
  9. Chapter 9. choose satisfaction, not happiness
  10. Chapter 10. screw pleasing people
  11. Chapter 11. you are a nation
  12. Chapter 12. screw your heroes
  13. Chapter 13. admire, never follow
  14. Chapter 14. the pieces of shit online
  15. Chapter 15. don’t suck-up in a relationship
  16. Chapter 16. learning how to think
  17. Chapter17. a few simple things to never forget

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Shwetabh Gangwar is a novelist, writer, orator , professional problem solver, songeriter And YouTube has over two million followers. He dedicates People have problems sending them to their Instagram, and making videos thereon He can. He defines it because the purpose of his life and what exactly it brings

i hope guys you enjoy the article which is based on our life and this book is completely masterpiece and if you have download The Rudest Book Ever PDF by Shwetabh Gangwar which is available in google drive format successfully you can share this with others so he get benefit of this book you can join us via telegram channel thanks you.


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