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Elements of Properties of Matter by DS Mathur PDF Book Download Physics For UPSC Optional, IIT JEE Mains, Graduation College Students BSC all sem ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd year ), BA (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th semester ), Engineering, SSC, Banking And Other Competitive Examination Etc.

Book NameElements of Properties of Matter
AuthorDS Mathur
PublicationS chand
Total Pages615
Size41 MB

Special Features Included

  • Detailed and simple treatment, with each step fully explained.
  • 336 illustrative diagrams given.
  • A large number of typical numerical problems solved, (including those set in the various University Examinations), covering 150 pages or more, of the book,
  • Illustrative solutions, with the use of logarithms, shown on the margin to the left in the first two chapters.
  • Useful appendices, on Differential and Integral Calculus, together with those on important Trigonometric Relations and the use of Logarithms, included, as also Logarithmic Tables and Tables of Important Constants.


For degree students of b.Sc. Of all indian universities. units and dimensions l motion along a curve the projectile moment of inertia gyroscopic motion l simple harmonic motion l measurement of mass the balance l acceleration due to gravity l gravitation l elasticity l hydrostatics l jet planes, rockets and satellites l friction and lubrication-principle of virtual work and its simple applications l flow of liquids l viscosity l diffusion and osmosis l surface tension-capillarity l gases-kinetic theory l special theory of relativity l appendices and tables.

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