Excelente Ham Price List 2023 in the Philippines

Hello friends, through this post I am going to share with you Excelente Ham Price List pdf 2023 in the Philippines. Ham is a type of cut pork that has been preserved by either wet or dry curing with no smoking. It is practiced around the world and includes many regional specialties. It has been given different names in different places.

Although ham is prepared in different ways around the world, ham is produced by salting raw pork. Also known as dry curing or brining, also known as wet curing. In addition, spice is also added by employing smoke.

Excelente Chinese Cooked Ham Price List

ProductPrice / Kg
Chinese Slice Ham Separate syrup₱2,960
Chinese Slice Ham Mixed syrup₱2,920
Boneless Chinese Ham₱3,962
Bone-in Chinese Ham₱13,140
Whole Pineapple Ham₱3,156
Scrap Chinese ham₱2,960
Sweet Bacon ham₱2,480
Mixed Sausage₱2,220
Pear shape ham₱1,820
1/2 kilo Chinese scrap ham₱1,440
1/2 kilo Chinese slice Ham Mixed Syrup ₱1,530
1/2 Chinese Slice Ham seperate Syrup₱1,560
Excelente Whole Bone-In Chinese Ham₱2,920
Excelente Whole Boneless Chinese Ham₱2,830
1 Kilo Excelente Sweet Cooked Bacon₱2,480
1 Kilo Excelente Smoked Raw Bacon₱2,330

Excelente Cooked Ham Online Reseller & Delivery Service Retail Price

Deboned (Whole) Ham1,850/kg
Bone In (Leg Ham)1,950/kg
Sliced Ham Separate Syrup2,000/kg
Sliced Ham Mixed Syrup1,900/kg
Scrap Ham1,800/kg
Pear Shape Ham1,050/pc
Pineapple Sliced Ham1,350/kg
Sweet Bacon1,500/kg

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  1. How can I order one of your product (Boneless ham)?

    I’m living in abroad, but your product would be delivered in the Philippines.


  2. Hi,

    Are you a re-seller of Excelente Chinese Ham? how to order?
    Could you send photo and price of Whole boneless Chinese Ham and the Whole bone-in Chinese Ham.

    Also, what is the leadtime of delivery once an order is placed?
    Thank you.

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