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Dear Friends, We have finally come out with the first version of the Environment Red Book [ PT Things ] For years we had been longing for a good book on the Environment given the high weightage accorded to the subject in the Civil Services Preliminary Examination.

The first edition of the Environment Red Book [PT Things] is dedicated to the ForumIAS Community and the wonderful members that make it up.

Today we are sharing another new UPSC book name of the book is Environment Red Book for UPSC which is shared by Forum IAS for UPSC civil services examination. this book is easy to read and understand and very helpful for exams.

Environment means anything that surrounds us. It consists of both living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) things. Interactions among the biotic and abiotic components shape the habitat and ecosystem of an organism.

The environment includes the physical (air, water), chemical (carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle), and biological (biomolecules, organisms) interactions that affect an organism.

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