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Combining the most modern safety technology, immense body strength, and elegant aesthetics, Godrej’s Main Door Locks are the numero uno when it comes to the protection of Indian homes. Packed with advanced features, these locks provide the safety foundation for the daily lives of millions of Indians.

Godrej Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate company, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, managed and largely owned by the Godrej family.

Godrej Padlocks

Latest ModelsExpected Price
Godrej Duralock Ultra XL+ 90mm Padlock with 3 Common Keys, 4073 (Pack of 2)Rs. 2099
Godrej Duralock Ultra XL+ 90mm Padlock with 3 Keys, 4067Rs. 1199
Godrej Duralock Stainless Steel Padlock (3 Keys), 8349Rs. 770
Godrej Nav-Tal Ultra XL-Plus 3 Ton Brass Padlock with 4 Keys, 5100Rs. 749
Godrej Navtal 7 Levers Brass Padlock (3 Keys), 3292Rs. 674
Godrej Navtal 7 Levers Brass Padlock, 3596Rs. 659
Godrej 6 Levers Round Padlock with 3 Keys, 8148 (Pack of 2)Rs. 569
Godrej 7 Lever Square Padlock with 4 Keys, 8153Rs. 449
Godrej Navtal 6 Levers Brass Padlock (3 Keys), 3279Rs. 429
Godrej Navtal 5 Levers Brass Padlock (3 Keys), 3277Rs. 319

Godrej Cylinder Locks

Latest ModelsExpected Price
Godrej NEH 08 240mm 2C Door Handle with Lock Set, 6760Rs. 2829
Godrej NEH 15 200mm 1CK Satin Steel Door Handle with Lock Set, 5986Rs. 2169
Godrej 4291 Ultra XL+Vertibolt 1CK Satin Nickel Door Lock with 4 KeysRs. 1909
Godrej Oliver Satin 6 Lever Mortise Lock, 8082Rs. 1539
Godrej ELC 05 6 Levers Satin Steel Door Handle with Lock Set, 6647Rs. 1509
Godrej 6079 Ultra XL+ Rim Deadbolt 1 CK Antique Brass Door Lock with 4 KeysRs. 1499
Godrej ELC-01 6 Leyer Mortise Lock With Satin Finish Handle, 7383Rs. 1259
Godrej 6 Lever Kadi Tala with 3 Keys, 5093Rs. 949
Godrej Classic Lock Keyed Stainless Steel Door Knob, 5808Rs. 839
Godrej Classic Lock Keyless Stainless Steel Door Knob, 5805Rs. 759

Godrej Cabinet Locks

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Latest ModelsExpected Price
Godrej Curvo Drawer Lock, 8013Rs. 389
Godrej New Multipurpose Furniture Lock, 8817Rs. 239
Godrej Supernova Wardrobe Lock, 7651Rs. 499
Godrej Supernova Wardrobe Lock, 7652Rs. 499
Godrej Curvo Wardrobe Lock, 8010Rs. 489
Godrej Multipurpose Furniture Lock, 9350Rs. 209
Godrej Curvo Drawer Lock, 8012Rs. 389
Godrej Curvo Wardrobe Lock, 8011Rs. 529
Godrej Popular Multipurpose Furniture Lock, 8000Rs. 149
Godrej Curvo Wardrobe Lock, 8086Rs. 529

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