Goldilocks Cake Price List 2023 PDF [Philippines]

In this post I am going to share with you all the Goldilocks Cake Price List 2023 pdf in the Philippines download in the Philippines it provides chocolate cakes Birthday cake double dutch cake mocha cake unicorn cake chocolate mousse double Dutch cake black forest dedication cake ube cake rainbow cake mango cake etc.

Shop NameGoldilocks
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Goldilocks traces its roots to the collaboration and complementary talents of the women whose collective love for good food fueled what has been transformed into the global enterprise today.

Once upon a time in 1966, two sisters, Milagros and Clarita, and their sister-in-law Doris decided to open a small bakeshop along Pasong Tamo Street in Makati.

A third sister, Maria Flour, suggested that they name the enterprise “Goldilocks”, after the character in a fairy tale. The intention was to make it easier for children and their mothers to remember the bakeshop’s name, and also because it suggested luck and prosperity.

Goldilocks Cake Price List Menu

Happy Summer Bundles

HSB3: Whole Roll and Ube Cheese Puto₱439
HSB2: Greeting Cake (8×12) and Fluffy Mamon Bitbit 6s₱659
HSB1: Greeting Cake (8×12) and Butter Puto₱659

Premium Cake 8×12

Chocolate Mousse 8×12₱825

Premium Cakes 8 Round

Royal Fudge Cake with Toblerone₱682.00
Chocolate Cherry Torte₱682.00
Chocolate Mousse Cake₱594
Classic Sansrival₱792
Black Forest Cake₱638
Double Dutch Cake₱572
Chocolate Caramel Decadence Cake₱616
Blushing Hearts Cake₱638
All About Chocolate Cake₱1073.93

Disney Birthday Cake

Spiderman Birthday Marble 9″ Round₱495
Minnie Birthday Marble 9″ Round₱495
Avengers Birthday Marble 9″ Round₱495
Princess Birthday Choco 9″ Round₱495
Spiderman Birthday Choco 9″ Round₱495
Mickey Birthday Marble 9″ Round₱495
Princess Birthday Marble 9″ Round₱495
Mickey Birthday Choco 9″ Round₱495
Avengers Birthday Choco 9″ Round₱495
Minnie Birthday Choco 9″ Round₱495

Premium Cake Petite

Chocolate Mousse Petite₱385

Greeting Cakes – Classic 8×12

Balloons Marble 8×12 with Filling₱594
Celebrate Mocha 8×12 with Filling₱572
Celebrate Marble 8×12 with Filling₱572
Unicorn Marble 8×12 with Filling₱941.82
Celebrate Choco 8×12 with Filling₱572
Unicorn Choco 8×12 with Filling₱594
Pastel Blooms Choco 8×12 with Filling₱682
Balloons Choco 8×12 with Filling₱594
Balloons Mocha 8×12 withFilling₱594
Unicorn Mocha 8×12 with Filling₱594
Pastel Blooms Mocha 8×12 with Filling₱572
Pastel Blooms Marble 8×12 with Filling₱572

Greeting Cakes – Dual/Triple 8×12

Luscious Caramel 8×12₱770
Triple Delight 8×12₱770

Greeting Cakes – Classic 9 Round

Pastel Blooms Marble 9″ Round with Filling₱626.11
Pastel Blooms Choco 9″ Round with Filling₱396
Pastel Blooms Mocha 9″ Round₱396

Top Picks For You

Minnie Birthday Marble 9″ Round₱495
Spiderman Birthday Marble 9″ Round₱495
Spiderman Birthday Choco 9″ Round₱495
Minnie Birthday Choco 9″ Round₱495
Princess Birthday Marble 9″ Round₱495
Avengers Birthday Marble 9″ Round₱495
Avengers Birthday Choco 9″ Round₱495
Princess Birthday Choco 9″ Round₱495

Whole Rolls

Classic Mocha Whole Roll₱330
Chocolate Overload Whole Roll₱341
Dulce De Leche Whole Roll₱330
Chocolate Whole Roll₱330

Greetings Cake – Dual/Triple 9 Round

Luscious Caramel 9″ Round₱550

Half Rolls

Dulce De Leche Half Roll₱220


Crema De Fruta Big₱534
Crema De Fruta Small₱297
Vanilla Taisan Loaf₱182

Loaf Bread

Wheaten Bread₱82
Egg & Milk Bread₱126.28
Dinner Roll₱60
Sandwich Bread₱71

Meat Filled

Chicken Pie₱54

Native Cakes

Cathedral Window₱237
Leche Flan₱297
Butter Macaroons 28s₱121
Cathedral Window Singles₱77
Butter Puto₱88
Butter Macaroons 12s₱61
Classic Puto₱88
Ube Cheese Puto₱109
Ube Puto₱99

Sweet Bread

Mongo Loaf₱61
Ube Loaf₱61

Polvoron – Box

Cookies n Cream Polvoron Box₱221.26
Cashew Polvoron Box₱143
Assorted Polvoron Box₱220
Classic Polvoron Box₱176
Pinipig Polvoron Box₱143
Ube Polvoron Box₱143
Peanut Polvoron Box₱143

Polvoron Pouch

Classic Polvoron 10s₱99
Assorted Polvoron 12s₱72
Cashew Polvoron 10s₱62
Peanut Polvoron 10s₱62
Pinipig Polvoron 10s₱62
Cookies n Cream Polvoron 10s₱62
Ube Polvoron₱62

Pinoy Deli – Food Selections

FS Pork Dinuguan with Garlic Rice₱109
FS Beef Caldereta with Rice₱109
FS Kare Kare with Rice₱109
FS BL Chicken BBQ & Liang with Rice₱109
FS Chicken Teriyaki with Rice₱109
FS Korean Beef with Rice₱109


Chiffon Cake Slice₱29
Mocha Mamon₱26
Special Fluffy Mamon₱29
Sugar-Free Mamon₱32
Double Dutch Cake Slice₱29
Classic Brownies Big₱50
Classic Brownies Small₱28
Mongo Hopia₱72
Butter Cake Slice₱29
Chocolate Cake Slice₱29
Marble Cake Slice₱29
Cheese Ensaymada Hugs₱109
Mocha Marble Cake Slice₱29
Cheesy Taisan₱94
Classic Brownies Box₱253
Ube Ensaymada₱40
Ube Mamon₱26
Blueberry Muffin₱40
Cinnamon Roll₱33
Cheesy Ensaymada₱30
Chocolate Chip Cookies₱50
Fluffy Mamon₱24
Raisin Oatmeal Cookies₱50
Pork Hopia₱72
Ube Ensaymada Hugs₱132
Banana Muffin₱40

Bitbit – 3s

Fluffy Mamon Bitbit 6s₱66
Cheesy Ensaymada Bitbit 3s₱86

Bitbit – 6s

Fluffy Mamon Bitbit 6s₱132
Cheesy Ensaymada Bitbit 6s₱221.26


Nutty Caramel Popcorn₱22
Caramel Popcorn Big₱33

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