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Hi, Welcome in this post i am going to share with you all Haralambos and Holborn Sociology PDF Free this book is best for upsc cse if you are preparing for UPSC than this is one of the best book of sociology you all can download this from the given link below.

This 8th edition of sociology themes and perspectives provides a comprehensive introduction to sociology for a-level and undergraduate students. This essential resource is fully updated to match the latest sociological teaching, research and developments to support you in learning about sociology today.

Book Details

Book NameHaralambos & Holborn Sociology themes and perspectives
AuthorMichael Haralambos, Martin Holborn, Steve Chapman, Stephen moore
Total Pages538
Size39 MB

This book aims to provide a systematic introduction to sociology for GCE Advanced level students, undergraduates and the general reader. It attempts to strike a balance between theory and research findings. The major theoretical perspectives are introduced in the first chapter and examined critically and in detail in the final chapter. Much of the material in the main body of the book is structured in terms of these perspectives. The emphasis on theory is balanced by detailed consideration of the findings of a range of empirical studies. A separate chapter is devoted to methodology – the study of the methods used to obtain and interpret data and of the general assumptions which underlie the study of man and society.

In recent years increasing emphasis has been given to the relationship between ideology and sociology. Sociologists are concerned about the possibility that their theories and findings may be influenced by their own attitudes, values and political beliefs. The book attempts to reflect this concern. The concept of ideology is introduced in the first chapter. In addition, Chapters 2 to 11, which cover the main substantive areas in sociology, close with an interpretation of the ideological basis of the views expressed within them.

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Sociology Themes and Perspectives is the number one bestselling introduction to sociology for A-level and undergraduate students. In 30 years it has supported over one million students studying Sociology at school and university.

What’s New

This new eighth edition is brought to you by a trusted team of subject experts, active in the field, and experienced sociology authors.

  • Build your sociological understanding through the clear and comprehensive explanation
  • Apply your knowledge with contextualised examples and research
  • Stay relevant with the most up-to-date research, empirical studies and theories, including a major new section on globalisation, and coverage of environmental sociology, new media, Coalition policies in the UK, the Arab Spring and the financial crash
  • Consolidate your learning with the quick-reference conclusions and summaries at the end of each chapter Now in full colour and with photos this edition will bring sociology alive, enabling you to access and achieve success in the subject.

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