Download HD PDF of HDFC Bank RTGS NEFT Form to Transfer Money

Hello friends, today I am going to give HDFC RTGS NEFT Form to all of you so that you can transfer money from your HDFC bank account through RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) and NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer).

Difference Between RTGS and NEFT

By the way, it is advised to you that if you are sending an amount less than two lakhs, then you send it through NEFT and for a larger amount you use RTGS.
It takes about 72 hours to send money through RTGS and within 30 minutes while sending money through NEFT.

Important details to be filled in RTGS NEFT Form

First of all, you have the option that whether you want to send money through RTGS or through NEFT, after that you have to fill the check number and amount to be sent and apart from this, general details.

Now you see two options there-

Beneficiary Details – In this option, you have to write the name of the recipient of money, his account number, his address, the name of the bank and the branch, IFSC code of the bank and the amount that is going to Credit in his account etc.

My / Our Details (Remitter) – In the option, the name of the sender, his account number and the total money that the person is going to send, his mobile number, his address etc. is filled.
After that, by accepting the terms and conditions, you sign it and deposit it in your HDFC branch.

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Why These Form are important?

Whenever it comes to sending money, we take the name offline transfer but through RTGS and NEFT we can transfer money online which is the best thing in today’s era, with RTGS and NEFT is the most secure.

Required Documents

  • RTGS/NEFT Application Form
  • check leaf
  • Some other important documents like Your Identity Card

Download PDF Now

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