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Hindi Matra Chart (हिन्दी मात्रा चार्ट) With Words PDF Download

The first stage to learn Hindi language is Hindi Matras. If you are a beginner in Hindi. So you should take the help of this chart.

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With the help of this chart, you will be able to learn all the quantities of Hindi. Click on the link provided below to download Complete Chart.

Matra chart is going to be very important for newbies or small children in Hindi, alphabet are remembered by everyone, but it is very important for you to have the knowledge of quantities to make these alphabets into words.

क = क् + अ
का = क् + आ
िाकि = क् + इ
की = क् + ई
कु = क् + उ
कू = क् + ऊ
के = क् + ए
कै = क् + ऐ
को = क् + ओ
कौ = क् + औ
अंकं = क् + अं
अःाः कः = क् + अः

Only by these quantities can you write any long word, in the end, it is only by words that it is formed. For example, if we take a word ram, then for the formation of this word you must have the knowledge of the quantity of aa. When the quantity of A is added to Ra, then the word Ra is formed.

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