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if you are a Beginner in Rubik’s Cube. then You should follow below step which is going to help you a lot. For download How to a Solve Rubik’s Cube for Beginners PDF, Click on the link given below.

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Each step involves a sequence of twists of the cube to move a particular square. To solve the cube, just repeat the steps! Each face of the cube is assigned a letter (shown below). Each step is made up of a sequence of twists (a one quarter-turn of the face of the cube).

To complete the sequence for each step, twist one face of the cube, then twist the next face, and so on, for the complete sequence. The letter ‘i’ means inverse, or counter- clockwise. Before you start each move, be sure to place your thumbs on the F side of the cube, as shown in the illustration. This will cube is properly oriented to execute the move.

Rubik’s Guide for Beginners

These are the Shortcuts. which will help you to solve Rubik’s cube while you are a beginner.

  • R- Right Face
  • L- Left Face
  • B- Back Face
  • D- Dow Face
  • F- Front Face
  • U- Upper Face
  • ?i- Inverse (Turn Counter-clockwise)

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