I Decided To Live As Me Book Review

Hi, guys today we have brought you all the I Decided To Live As Me book review which is written by Kim Soo-Hyun is Korean author this book is published in 2016 in the Korean language, and in 2020 this book was published in the English language.

This book is recommended by a BTS member’s jungkook.

This book was first published in South Korea in 2016 and its English version was made in 2020, it is said that more than one million of this book has been sold all over the world. Apart from this, I Decided to Live as Me Book has been exported to countries like Japan China Taiwan Vietnam Thailand, etc.

We have all dreamed of being a superhero. But now, we have become adults who prioritize saving ourselves first over the world. We became adults of uncertainty, who grew up to an ambiguous age, with an unimpressive career, and vague skills. Are we maybe just pretending to be grown-ups?

The special thing about this book is that this book gives a message of comfort and encouragement to the common people in our times. No one knows the correct answer to this question in life. This book is about how to identify ourselves, and love who we are, without copying or envying anyone in life. With deep words of comfort and support, Soo-hyun Kim’s fourth book of essays is here for you.

The following topics have been described in this book –

  • Don’t be kind to those who aren’t kind to you.
  • Don’t live to meet the expectations of others
  • Love the imperfection.
  • Be completely happy as an ordinary person.
  • Be proud of who you are.
  • Don’t be swayed by what others say.
  • Many more to-do lists for your adult life.
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