IAS Vinayak Narwade Maths Optional Notes & Booklist, Strategy For Upsc CSE

Hello everyone, through this post I am going to share with you UPSC Topper 2020 AIR-37 Vinayak Narwade Maths Optional Notes booklist and strategy, if your optional subject is Mathematics in UPSC Mains Exam then all these notes will provide good guidance for you.

Booklist for Prelims

Modern History

Ancient History

Medieval History

Art and Culture



  • 11th, 12th NCERT
  • G C Leong
  • Mrunal YouTube videos of Rajtanil ma’am
  • Atlas and only ias YouTube videos for mapping


  • Shankar IAS – make crisp notes ( will be sharing mine)
  • Current affairs

Science and technology

  • Current affairs only
  • No need for any other sources


  • Current affairs only


Current affairs

  • Only IAS YouTube channel prelims videos and magazines
  • Vision IAS magazine
  • Don’t keep current affairs for the last month.
  • You need to revise it to the maximum extent
  • So start before hand
  • Devote 15-20 mins daily for YouTube videos on Only IAS channel for prelims booster current affairs


Previous year question papers


  • Read the standard books first couple of times
  • For the third reading make sure you start making notes – crisp that can be revised in one day
  • Balance the day with static and current affairs
  • Make sure you solve at least 50 papers in 2.5 months before prelims
  • Elimination is the key for the prelims exam – it comes only with practice
  • Review the wrong answers regularly
  • Make a book of wrongs – note down answers which go wrong frequently
  • Take 4-5 hours on a mock test – 2 hours to solve the test and remaining to review it.
  • Review the previous year questions of UPSC CSE prelims
  • Do not neglect CSAT – solve at least 2 papers in 10 days before prelims
  • Keep min sources and revise maximum times – for both static and current affairs
  • Minimum 4 revisions must for both static and current affairs
  • Practice, practice, practice
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​​How to choose an optional?

Remember in this preparation optional is going to be your best friend. When you are happy, you should be able to do your optional and when you are sad, it should be the optional that should make you happy. 

I chose Maths because I knew I had the capability of sitting down for 8-10 hours every day just doing Maths. That should be your comfort level. A lot of students ask me why Mathematics after a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. This is because during my master’s I was specialising and had lost touch of core mechanical subjects like SOM, TOM, Machine Design etc. But I was much more comfortable with the mathematics syllabus and hence went with that. 

Usually every serious candidate is within a +/- 10 marks range for GS 1,2,3. So the remaining 1275 marks – Essay, OPTIONAL, GS 4 and personality test would decide where you stand in the final list. So please give a lot of thought while choosing your optional. This year Anthropology, and technical optionals like Maths, ME, Electrical Engineering etc have given a lot of top rankers. But I would repeat that your comfort matters the most.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard “


IAS Vinayak Narwade marksheet
Vinayak marksheet

Vinayak Narwade Maths Optional Notes

Linear Algebra




Complex Analysis


Real Calculus

Modern Algebra



Partial Differential Equations

Revision Notes

Math Optional Test

Math Book PDF – UPSC Optional

IAS Vinayak Narwade Strategy for CSE interview

Please try to answer the question in first sentence itself. This will avoid beating around the bush.

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Take a pause after the question is asked and prioritise points to be told first.

Your biodata based questions need to be answered in the most personal way. Try to include your experiences rather than giving a general answer.

Opinion based questions: I found my strategy of giving the opinion first and then supporting it with valid arguments really useful rather than the other way around. 

There may be a person to grill you. Always maintain a smile on the face even if you say don’t know. Pressure situations are a way to judge your personality. 

Finally. DO NOT BLUFF. Remember their experience is more than your age. If you bluff once they will give you one more chance to bluff. And if you do it twice it shows lack of integrity. Confidently say don’t know to questions you don’t know. And say not sure to questions you think you may know the answer but not guaranteed.

You will be tested on the questions you answer not the questions you don’t answer.

When you enter the campus take a look and tell yourself you are here because you deserve it. And you’ll also clear because you deserve it. his youTube channel.

Happy interviewing.

Vinayak Narwade

AIR 37, CSE 2020

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