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In today’s time, if you want to impress someone by speaking English like a Native Speaker, then you must have a treasure trove of Idioms and Phrases. It has been seen that if you are giving an interview or delivering a presentation for a company, then your English Sentence increases the impact of Common Idioms & Phrases. So today we are going to give you A to Z Idioms And Phrases With Meanings And Examples PDF through this article, from which you can download it from the link given below.

Common & Daily Use Idioms Phrases With Meanings, Examples PDF Download

Idioms are ornaments in any language. The use of Idioms & Phrases brings interestingness to the style of language, and adds to the beauty. If you want to say anything effectively, you must use idiom Phrases.

It has been seen that if you say something in a simple way, then its effect is less. But if you say the same thing using idioms, then it has a deep impact on the person in front of you.

Speaking the English language effectively is a big challenge. You can complete this challenge with the help of idioms and phrases. Through this article, you are being given a list of all the idioms used in daily life so that you can make your point more effective by using them while giving an interview or presentation.

Abounding into be filled with (something)Sea abounds in all kinds of animals.
above allmainly, especiallyAbove all,don’t mention this to Hari.
Abreast withkeep informationHe keeps himself abreast with the latest developments in the world of science.
Absent-minded personcareless personOur professor is a very absent-minded person.
Accessary toAssistantThis man was accessary to the crime.
Affect ignorancepretend not to knowYou cannot affect ignorance of the law and escape punishment.
aghast atbe confusedAs she entered the hospital she looked aghast at the bed of the wounded.
agreeable toto likeHe being very fussy, the plan was not agreeable to his wishes.
alive tobe aware, be awareHe is not at all alive to the current economic problems.
all at oncesuddenlyAll at once the sky became dark and it began to rain.
all moonshineabsolutely false, fabricatedWhat you are saying is all moonshine.
all of a suddensuddenlyAll of a sudden the walls of the room started shaking.
all the sameEven thenAlthough your agreements appear convincing all the same it will not happen.
animal spiritswarm natureYoung children are by nature full of animal
apple of discordreason for quarrelEver since their father’s death this property has been an apple of discord between the two brothers.
apple of one’s eyetoo dearHis lovely little daughter is the apple of his eye.
ask for somethingtake a riskNow you are complaining about the cut in your salary. You had asked for it by regularly coming late.
at alleven a littleHe told me that he did not have any money at all.
at daggers drawnto be hostileOnce upon a time they were friends, but now they are at daggers drawn over the issue of money.
at largestay free, don’t get caughtA convict who had escaped from prison last month is still at large.
at onceimmediatelyThe boss was furious over secretary’s mistake and asked him to come to his room at once.
at the eleventh hourat the last momentThe mob was getting out of control, but at the eleventh hour the police arrived and averted a riot.
at timessometimesAt times she feels a little better. but then again relapses into her old condition.
aware ofto be awareI was not aware of his intentions.

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