IFS Vikram Grewal Notes PDF Download (AIR-51 2018)

Here I present to you the result of efforts Vikram Grewal at making notes for Mains 2018. They are quite crisp and laden with Keywords. I have treated all GS papers as one comprehensive paper. Also, I have adopted a strictly ‘One issue, One-page’ policy to enhance the effectiveness of answer writing.

These notes were made by me for Value addition to Mains answer-writing. They are arranged in the order of ‘factual nuggets’ or ‘keywords’ that can be sprinkled in your answer to either fight the mental block that we usually face while writing GS answers or just basically enhance the quality and uniqueness of the answers. Some parts like Cases, Laws, and Vocab are such that they can fit anywhere in answers related to various themes. I hope you find these useful.

Download Free IFS Vikram Grewal Notes PDF Download (AIR-51 2018)

History Optional Notes MAP SITES & APPENDIX – Download
History Optional Notes HISTORY – Download
History Notes – MODERN INDIA – Download
History Optional Notes- – MEDIEVAL INDIA – Download
History Notes- – ANCIENT INDIA – Download


UPSC Mains Notes: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XRuQ-5U7mFLaq9tvC-mgI-a3jcdd0NNp/view

Political Theory: https://drive.google.com/file/u/0/d/17Tz-VSpucW6pT-aC0dakYUkWDDujm6Ft/view

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