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Are you preparing for upsc exam so today in this post i am going to share with you all history book of India after Gandhi PDF by Ramachandra Guha published by Picador India in the previous post we have shared with you India’s Struggle for Independence 1857-1947 Bipin Chandra now you can download This book from the below section.

Ramachandra Guha’s India after Gandhi is a magisterial account of the pains, struggles, humiliations and glories of the world’s largest and least likely democracy. A riveting chronicle of the often brutal conflicts that have rocked a giant nation, and of the extraordinary individuals and institutions who held it together, it established itself as a classic when it was first published in 2007.

A very good by Ramachandra Guha, his writing grows on you very well. The period between 1950s,1960s, 1980s and 1990s is written very lucidly and with a good deal of original research, but doesn’t have the same rigour and doesn’t offer much new insight into Emergency. Nevertheless, this is a very important book and is mostly unbiased which makes it a rare book especially for modern history.

AuthorRamachandra Guha
Pages988 pages

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