India Map with States & Capital PDF

India Map with States & Capital: Overview and Key Information

Discover the detailed India Map with States & Capital sourced from This PDF resource, published in 2021, offers a comprehensive view of India’s geography, highlighting its states and capitals.

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Year: 2021


  • India, situated in southern Asia, dominates the Indian subcontinent, bordered by Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma (Myanmar), China (Xizang – Tibet Autonomous Region), Nepal, and Pakistan.
  • The map showcases India’s maritime boundaries with Indonesia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, offering insights into its strategic positioning in the region.
  • Encompassing an area of 3,287,263 km², India ranks as the 7th largest country globally. To put it into perspective, it spans approximately 45% of Australia’s size, 40% of the contiguous USA, or one-third of Europe.

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