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Old Indian Coins Value List Price 2023 PDF Download [UPDATED 2023]

if you want to buy or sell your Coins / Medals / Tokens / Paper Money Auction then you will get an idea what is the value of your coin. Classical Numerical Gallery is a classical currency dealership in India.

These coins can be made of any metal such as gold, silver, or brass. We are in the field of numismatics since 1984 and have more than three decades of experience.

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In this post, you will find all types of coins which are very unique. Because these are different types of coins, then their price is also high.

If you also want to sell your old coins, then you are selling them at a very high price because the price of these coins increases day by day.

If you sell these coins even after 100 years, then you can earn a very good price from them. Many people are fond of collecting old coins.

Order of Sale

  • Ancient India
  • Ancient World
  • Hindu Coins of Medieval India
  • Sultanates
  • Mughals
  • Independent Kingdoms
  • Princely States
  • Indo Danish
  • Portuguese India
  • East India Company
  • British India
  • Republic of India
  • Foreign Coins
  • Medals, Badges, Decorations
  • Tokens
  • Miscellaneous
  • Paper Money
  • Large Lots
CoinsTime PeriodPrice
Archaic silver punch-marked coin, Godavari valley region,(400-350 BC)3000 – 4000
Imperial Magadhan silver punch-marked Karshapana coinn (400-350 BC)2000 – 2500
Ancient Vidarbha(c.250-200 BC)2000 – 2500
Ancient Vidarbha(c.200-150 BC)4000 – 5500
Early Uninscribed Cast Copper Coinage (EUCCC)(c.250-200 BC)1500 – 2000
Early Uninscribed Cast Copper Coinage (EUCCC)(c.200-100 BC)4000 – 5000
Ancient Punjab(c.200-150 BC)5000 – 7000
Ancient Vidarbha(c.200-150 BC)16000 – 20000
Ancient Vidarbha/Marathwada(c.200-150
1500 – 2000
Ancient Malwa(c.250-200 BC)2500 – 3000
  • Ancient Saketa region – early uninscribed cast copper coinage of Ayodhya area, (c.200-100 BC), PAIC 1037, 1.85g. Obv: Swastika above a fish. Rev: Weighing scales underneath taurine. Good Very Fine, Very rare. Sold for: rs 4,000 – 5,000
  • Ancient Saketa region – monarchical cast coinage of Ayodhya area, ‘bull’-type coin of Vishakhadeva (c.150-100 BC), PAIC 1045, 5.56g. Obv: Bull walking to the left towards a sacrificial post in railing; Brahmi legend Visakhadevasa above. Rev: Ornamental Chakra/Triratna in the center, tree-in-railing to right, Yupa in the railing to the left, wavy line below.Extremely fine, Rare. Sold for:rs6,000 – 8,000
  • Ancient Saketa region – monarchical die-struck coinage of Ayodhya area, copper coin of Ayumitra, (c.200-300 AD), PAIC 1064, 7.76g. Obv: Bull standing facing slightly left in front of a spear; Brahmi legend (A)yumitrasa below. Rev: Peacock facing palm tree, the wavy line below. Fine, Rare. Sold for : rs 4000-5000.
  • Post-Mauryan tribal monarchies, Kunindas, silver drachm of Amoghabhuti (c.50 BC-50 AD), PAIC 1212 var., 2.20g. Obv: goddess holding lotus standing on a lotus, a deer to her left, Shrivatsa between horns and altar above rump; Brahmi legend Rajño Kunindasa Amoghabhutisa Maharajasa visible with tops of the letters off flan. Rev: composite symbol of six arched hill, wavy line, Nandipada, Swastika, triangle-headed standard-Shrivatsa and tree-in-railing; Kharoshthi legend Raña …ghabhutisa Maharajasa around. About extremely fine, Rare. rs4000-6000
  • Post-Mauryan tribal monarchies, Kunindas – copper unit imitating issues of Amoghabhuti, King of the Kunindas (c.50BC-50 AD), PAIC 1240, 6.48g. Obv: Deer facing right, representation of a female deity standing to its right, altar above the back; Brahmi legend ….Amoghabhutisa Maharajasa around. Rev: Group of symbols – six-arched hill topped with an altar, Nandipada, tree-in-railing, Swastika, triangle-headed standard, wavy line (river) within dotted border. Extremely fine, Very rare. rs 15000-20000
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Old Indian Coins Value

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