JSW Paints 2024 Price List and Color Catalogue PDF for Your Inspiring Home Makeover!

Are you planning to renovate your space, or looking for a reliable paint supplier for your new project?” JSW paints can be a great option for you. Today, we will provide you with information about the famous paint company, JSW Paints. We will cover important topics such as the JSW paints price list 2024 pdf download and will provide you JSW colour shade catalogue in pdf format.

In addition, we will also provide useful information on topics such as the packing size of JSW Paints (1 liter, 2 liters, 4 liters, 10 liters, 20 liters, etc.), interior and exterior wall paints, primers, putty, wall textures for exteriors, and more.

JSW Company Profile

JSW Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate based in Mumbai, headed by Sajjan Jindal, and part of the O.P. Jindal Group. JSW Group, formerly known as Jindal South West (JSW). The group has diversified businesses that include steel, energy, infrastructure, cement, and paints across India, the United States, South America, and Africa.

JSW Paints Company Profile

JSW Group is India’s top company with total assets of 22 billion-dollar. The conglomerate is active in various sectors such as steel, energy, infrastructure, cement, paints, venture capital, and sports. The group’s success can be attributed to its strength and capability which includes a clean track record in executing the most complex of projects, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and focus on driving sustainable growth.

JSW Paints and Texture Price List

JSW Paints Interiors & Exteriors

Do you want to beautify your home? Then you must try JSW Paints Halo Majestic Interiors Silk water-based interior emulsion paint. It features a silky finish and German block, among other benefits.

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Aurus Regal Interiors fine emulsion for interior walls is a high-quality paint that has been thoughtfully designed, and it has features like Anti Fungal Endures 5 years, Excellent Smooth Finish, Fast and Easy to Finish, Low VOC Paint & Primer, and Rich Matt Superior Opacity.

Halo MajesticAurus Regal
Halo Silk Interiors (₹520/ltr)Aurus Silk Interiors (₹ 450/ltr)
Halo Shine Interiors (₹580/ltr)Aurus Interiors (₹400/ltr)
Halo Silk Exteriors (₹500/ltr)Aurus Exteriors (₹500/ltr)
JSW Paints Halo Majestic, Aurus Regal

Pixa Interiors emulsion comes with more than 1800 shades, and it provides a long-lasting soft shine to the walls. The superior pigmentation gives the colors just the right amount of shine and depth. It features Bright Finish, Endures 3 years, Soft Sheen, and is Very Smooth.”

Pixa ElegantHalo Aquaglo (For Wood & Metal)
Pixa Interiors (₹200/ Litre)Majestic Gloss
Pixa Silk Interiors (₹285/ Litre)Majestic Satin
Pixa Exteriors (₹220/ Litre)
Pixa Silk Exteriors (₹250/ Litre)
JSW Paints Pixa Majestic

Product Information

PropertiesHalo Silk InteriorsAurus Silk InteriorsPixa Silk Interiors
Tint BasesHI-1, HI-3, HI-4, HI-Y, HI-MAI-1, AI-3, AI-4, AI-Y, AI-MPSI 1, PSI 3, PSI 4, PSI Y, PSI M
No. of colours1808 shades1808 shades1808 shades
Coverage^140 – 160 sq.ft./L/2 coats
13 – 14.9 m2/L/2 coats
130 – 150 sq.ft./L/2 coats
12 – 13.9 m2/L/2 coats
100 – 110 sq.ft./L/2 coats
9.2 – 10.2 m2/L/2 coats
Drying Time* (30°C @ 60 R/H)Surface Dry – 30 minutes
Recoat – 4 hours
Surface Dry – 30 minutes
Recoat – 4 hours
Surface Dry – 30 minutes
Recoat – 4 hours
Flash PointN/AN/AN/A
Thin withClean Water (upto 25%)Clean Water (upto 25%)Clean Water (upto 50%)
VOC levels~<10 gms/L<20 gms/LLow

Vogue Wall Texture Paints (Interior Walls)

Vogue Wall Paints Textures is available in three variants – Vogue Astoniq, Vogue Metalliq, Vogue Effectiq – which come with excellent features like Anti Fungal, Low VOC, Marble Finish, Stunningly Smooth, HD Patterns, and Optimum Design Time.

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Vogue Astoniq₹650/ Litre
Vogue Metalliq₹1,000/ Litre
Vogue Effectiq₹750/ Litre

Product Information

PropertiesVogue AstoniqVogue MetalliqVogue Effectiq
Tint BaseswhiteGold, Silver and CopperClear
No. of colours10053176
Coverage^20-25 Sqft/Kg100-175 Sqft/L100-180 Sqft/L
Drying Time*
(30°C @ 60 R/H)
6-8 hours6-8 hours6-8 hours
Flash PointWater-based, not applicableWater-based, not applicableWater-based, not applicable
Thin withWaterWaterWater
VOC levels~<10 gm/kg

JSW Paints Price 20 Liter

As you all know, there are three variants (Halo, Aurus, Pixa) of JSW Paints in the market, three interior and three exteriors.

  • Price of 20 litre Halo Majestic Silk Interiors – Rs 10400
  • Price of 20 litre Halo Majestic Shine Interiors – Rs 11600
  • Price of 20 litre Halo Majestic Silk Exterior – Rs 7500
  • Price of 20 litre Aurus Regal Silk Interiors – Rs 6440
  • Price of 20 litre Aurus Regal Interiors – Rs 7700
  • Price of 20 litre Aurus Regal Exteriors – Rs 6440
  • Price of 20 litre Pixa Elegant Interiors – Rs 4100
  • Price of 20 litre Pixa Elegant Silk Interiors – Rs 4100
  • Price of 20 litre Pixa Elegant Exteriors – Rs 3400
  • Price of 20 litre Pixa Elegant Silk Exteriors – Rs 5000

Keep in mind that prices may vary from location to location, so it’s recommended to check the latest prices from your nearest Paint Dealers.

JSW Paints Colour Shade Catalogue With Chart

JSW Paints offers thousands of shades to choose from, allowing you to select your favorite color for your home. Additionally, their website provides color combination options, enabling you to create a stunning look by combining multiple colors.

JSW Paints Colour Shade Catalogue
JSW Paints Colour Shade Catalogue

In addition to the color chart, JSW Paints also provides an online color visualizer tool through which you can see how the shade will appear with different settings. With its help, you can choose the best colors for your space.

Tips for Choosing the Best Paints for Your Home

The purpose of paint: If you are taking paint for new building construction, then you will need interior and exterior paints. For the bathroom and kitchen, you will need paint that can withstand moisture and frequent cleaning. For the bedroom, you can choose the paint color of your preference. Dust-proof paint will be required for the exterior walls to avoid rain damage.

Quality check: There are many types of paint available in the market, including both low and high quality options. While high-quality paint may cost more, it provides better coverage and longer durability.

Choose the right finish: Paint comes in many finishes, such as matte, glossy, and eggshell. Matte finish is used to hide imperfections, while glossy finish paint is durable and easy to clean.

Conclusion: JSW Paints is one of the best paint provider companies in the market, offering a wide range of paint options to choose from. Customers can select the paint according to their budget. In addition, we have provided the Price List for the 2024 PDF above. With the help of the color catalog, customers can get a better understanding of the available color options and select the paint that best suits their needs.

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