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Method of making railways prosperous in Kerala Government of Kerala & Ministry of Railways of Government of India established K-Rail. It is a semi-high-speed railway project. The purpose of which is to connect about 530 km (Thiruvananthapuram to Kasaragod) Route. If you want to download K-rail Kerala Route Map PDF then click on the link given below.

K-rail Silver Line Project Route Map PDF Download

After the completion of this project, now the distance between these two areas will be completed in just 4 hours. This is a third of the existing railway timing as of now.

According to the demand of modern times, we have to develop this type of transport system, which is energy efficient as well as environment friendly and comfortable.

What is K-Rail? Social, Economic & Environmental Benefits of K Rail

There was a railway system in Kerala but its speed was 45km/h. Due to which this system was not time efficient.

It used to take more than 12 hours to cover a distance of 560 km. Which was a solution to the growth rate of Kerala.

Keeping this in mind, the Kerala Rail Development Corporation started the Silverline project. The objective of this railway project is to achieve 200km/h top speed. This speed will reduce the traveling time from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasaragod.

  • Also, due to its Rail Silverline project, now the distance between these two places will be reduced from 560 km to 530 km.
  • The train bogies will be made according to the international standard.
  • Also, this rail network will have 10 stops, due to which it will also be able to touch Kochi airport. Along with high speed, the best facilities will also be provided to the passenger.
  • Those who did not use public transport till now, those people will also use public transport more and more after the arrival of this rail.
  • Due to the K Rail Silver Line Project, the bad impact on the environment will also be minimized.
  • Because due to having the best public transport, people reduce the use of private vehicles, due to which the amount of pollution decreases as well as the number of accidents decreases.
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It has been seen that the country which has the best public transport system has lower carbon emission due to which the air quality also improves. With this goal, Kerala Railway is moving on the path of development.

Stations at K Rail Line

  • Kasaragod
  • Kannur
  • Kozhikode
  • Tirur
  • Trissur
  • Eranakulam
  • Kottayam
  • Chengannur
  • kollam
  • Thiruvananthapuram

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