Kajaria Tiles Price List 2023 PDF: Wall and Floor Tiles Collection Catalogue

Today, we will discuss some essential points regarding Kajaria Tiles, a renowned tiles manufacturing company in India. This post will cover topics such as the Kajaria Tiles Price List 2023 PDF download and Essential Guide to Help You Purchase High-Quality Tiles.

if you are in search of a reliable supplier for strong and durable tiles for your home? Kajaria Tiles may be the perfect choice for you. Kajaria Ceramics (KCL) is India’s largest manufacturer of ceramic/vitrified tiles and ranks as the 9th largest manufacturer of such tiles in the world.

Kajaria Tiles Company Profile

Kajaria Ceramics is a renowned manufacturer of ceramic/vitrified tiles and is the largest such company in India. It presently has a total annual capacity of 84.45 million square meters (MSM) across its eight operational plants located in Secunderabad (Uttar Pradesh), Jaipur (Rajasthan), Malutana (Rajasthan), Morbi (Gujarat), and Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh).”

Kajaria Tiles

Kajaria Ceramics is a trusted tiles company in India that has been utilizing the latest technologies to produce ceramic/vitrified tiles of high quality, durability, and innovative designs over the years. The company provides its customers with various types of tiles, including ceramic wall and floor tiles, vitrified tiles, and polished porcelain tiles.

The company has a widespread presence in India with over 1000 dealers and 14000 sub-dealers, making it the largest tiles network in the country. Kajaria Ceramics has also expanded its reach to other countries, including the USA, Canada, and the UK. The company’s network continues to expand every year, providing it with a significant boost in the coming years.

Kajaria Ceramics Tiles Price List

Kajaria Ceramics is well known for a wide range of high-quality ceramics available in a variety of designs, sizes, and finishes. The company provides different price lists for the products depending on your choice of what kind of tiles you want. They have ceramic wall and floor tiles, vitrified tiles, and polished porcelain tiles.

The cost of ceramic tiles generally starts from ₹30 and can go up to ₹60 per square foot. The cost of ceramic wall and floor tiles can be slightly higher, ranging from ₹50 to ₹100 per square foot. The prices of polished porcelain tiles are even higher, ranging from ₹50 to ₹100 per square foot.

Kajaria Wall Tiles

Kajaria wall tiles are manufactured using the latest state-of-the-art technology, due to which these tiles are durable, easy to maintain, and strong. These tiles are available in three categories – Polished Vitrified Tiles, Ceramic wall Tiles, and Eternity Glazed Vitrified Tiles. Which fits according to the requirements of the customer. These tiles are available in more than 44 finishes.

Kajaria Wall Tiles

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Kajaria offers a wide range of bathroom wall tiles that are made waterproof, long-lasting, and durable using advanced technology. They offer ceramic tiles, glazed vitrified tiles, and polished vitrified bathroom wall tiles.

Bathroom Tiles NamePrice
Kajaria Polished Decorative Bathroom Wall Tile₹50/ Square Feet
Kajaria Glossy Square Bathroom Tiles, Thickness: 8 mm₹35/ Square Feet
Kajaria Glossy Digital Ceramic Wall Tiles 400×300 Mm₹115/ Box
Matt kajaria carving Tiles, Bathroom₹62/ Sq ft
Glossy Kajaria Ceramic Tiles, 2×4 ft(600×1200 mm)₹24/ Sq ft

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Kitchen Wall TilesPrice
Ceramic Gloss Kajaria Royal Kitchen Wall Tile₹50/ Sq ft
Porcelain Glossy Kajaria Kitchen Wall Tile, Size: 30×60 cm, Thickness: 12 mm₹65/ Square Feet
Gloss Kajaria Kitchen Wall Tile, Size: 60×60 cm₹35/ Square Feet
Ceramic Mosaic Polished Kajaria Kitchen Wall Tile, Size: 4×4 Feet(1200×1200 mm)₹115/ Square Feet

Living Room Wall Tiles

Wall Tiles for Living Rooms₹25-200/Square Feet

Outdoor Wall Tiles

Outdoor Wall TilesPrice
Kajaria Ceramic Exterior Wall Tile, 5-10 mm₹25/ Square Feet
Ceremic Exterior Elevation Tile, Thickness: 10-15 mm₹ 75/ Square Feet
Exterior Wall Cladding Tiles, Thickness: 10-15 mm₹149/ Square Feet
Ceramic Mosaic Gloss Brick Wall Tile₹55/ Square Feet

Wall Tiles for Commercial Spaces

Bedroom Wall Tiles

Bedroom Wall TilesPrice
Ceramic Gloss Kajaria Digital Wall Tile, Size: 30 x 45 cm₹50/ Sq ft
Ceramic Mosaic Multicolor Kajaria Wall Tiles₹50/ Sq ft

Kajaria Floor Tiles

Kajaria Ceramics offers an amazing range of Floor Tiles to our clients. These floor tiles are manufactured by experts using exclusive technology, ensuring high quality. They come in many unique designs and sizes, complemented by beautiful color schemes, which make for a masterpiece that is wonderful to look at. These tiles are strong, durable, and long-lasting, and can be used in bathroom floors, living rooms, bedrooms, and hotels. These tiles are also available in three categories – Polished Vitrified Tiles, Ceramic wall Tiles, and Eternity Glazed Vitrified Tiles.

Kajaria Floor Tiles

Bathroom Floor tiles

Kajaria presents to the customers a wide new extraordinary range of Bathroom Floor tiles that come with numerous features. You will get to see wonderful designs in these tiles, definitely, they have been manufactured with new technology. It comes with a matte finish, due to which it is able to grip the surface better. Such matte finish tiles are the obvious choice for the floor as well as wall tiling, especially in bathrooms.

Bathroom Floor tilesPrice
Glossy Vitrified Kajaria PGVT Floor Tiles, Size: 2×2 Feet(600×600 mm)₹22/ Square Feet
Matt Kajaria Bathroom Tiles, Thickness: 10 mm₹55/ Square Feet
Vitrified Kajaria Bathroom floor tile, 1×2 Feet, Matte₹52/ Square Feet
Ceramic Glossy Kajaria 18X12 bathroom tiles, Size: Medium, 6 Piece₹55/ Square Feet
Glossy White Floor Tiles, 2×2 Feet(600×600 mm)₹250/ Box

Living Room Floor Tiles

Living Room Floor Tiles₹25-250/ Square Feet

Outdoor Floor Tiles

Bedroom Floor Tiles

Kitchen Floor Tiles

Kitchen Floor TilesPrice
Kajaria Kitchen Tile, Packaging Type: Box, Size: 30×60 cm₹55/ Square Feet
Vitrified Kajaria Kitchen Floor Tiles, 2×2 Feet(60×60 cm), Matte₹25/ Square Feet
Kajaria Matt Tile 2×2₹500/ Box

Floor Tiles for Commercial Spaces

Kajaria Floor Tiles for Commercial Spaces₹25-150/ Square Feet

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Kajaria Tiles Near Me

You can find the Kajaria Tiles showroom near you through Google Maps. Simply open your Google map and search “Kajaria Tiles” It will show you the list of all showrooms around you along with their addresses, phone numbers, and ratings.

alternatively, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit Kajaria Tiles official website https://www.kajariaceramics.com/

Step 2: Now, you will see the option “Where to buy” in the menu above. Click on this option.

Step 3: You will now see three categories – Polished Vitrified Tiles, Ceramic Wall Tiles, and Eternity Glazed Vitrified Tiles. Choose any one of these categories and then select your state and city. Finally, click on the “Submit” button.

Step 4: As soon as you click on the submit button, the dealer’s name, address, and mobile number will be displayed in front of you. You can then find the location of the shop by clicking on ‘Get Directions’.


How to identify original Kajaria tiles?

There are several ways to distinguish between original and duplicate Kajaria tiles. You can identify original Kajaria tiles by checking the company logo on the box and ensuring that the packaging is proper. Additionally, you can also determine their authenticity by evaluating the quality of the tiles themselves.

What is the price per box of Kajaria floor tiles sized 2×2?

Currently, the price range of Kajaria floor tiles sized 2×2 is between ₹25 to ₹55. price may vary depending on various factors such as location, design, quality, quantity, and seller.

Where can I find Kajaria tiles near me?”

You can find the nearest location of Kajaria tiles by visiting kajariaceramics.com/dealers.php.

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