Kirloskar Generator Price List PDF 2023

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Kirloskar Group has been working in India for more than 130 years. They have paid great attention to the progress of economic self-reliance and industrial development in India. Kirloskar Oil Engine Limited (KOEL) is making its most important contribution to the Kirloskar Group.

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Kirloskar KOEL Power Generator Famous all over the world, this company manufactures power generators from 2.1 kW to 5200 kVA which is the best in quality, in addition, or makes power generators in air-cooled, water-cooled, diesel generating all Kirloskar Generator has played an important role in low cost manufacturing IT Hotels Hospitals Banking, etc as its generators are highly reliable high quality as Kirloskar KOEL uses state of the art equipment engine system and modern software to manufacture its generators

The research and engineering facility is strengthened by an ultra-modern emission testing laboratory that ensures The KOEL engine and diesel generator set are also certified for stringent noise and exhaust emission norms mandated by the Central Pollution Control Board, India to ensure that its generators are environment friendly.

Because at present the need for power generators is met in every field, that’s why we need a durable and reliable generator, all these requirements are fulfilled through Kirloskar generator and the company also gives confidence to its customers.

In 2012, KOEL entered the residential diesel generator market with the launch of their compact product – Kirloskar Chota Chilli. In 2014, a new brand identity ‘KOEL Green’ was established for KOEL generators.

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Kirloskar Generator is available in following kva –

3 kva, 5 kva, 7.5 kva, 10 kva, 12.5kva 15kva, 20 kva, 25 kva, 30 kva, 45 kva, 62.5kva ,82.5kva 100 kva, 120 kva generator 125 kva, 150 kva, 180 kva, 200 kva , 250 kva, 300 kva , 380 kva, 400 kva, 500 kva, 625 kva 635 kva.

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