35 Landmark Supreme Court Judgements PDF Free Download

Get Important 35 Landmark Supreme Court Judgements PDF Free Download for UPSC CSE prelims and mains examination.

Book Name35 Landmark Supreme Court Judgments Simplified for UPSC Civil Services Prelim & Main Exams
AuthorSiddharth Arora

Historic Judgements taken by the Supreme Court of India form an important basis for the rule of law policies in India and the structure of the Indian government.

This document contains important constitutional articles, Supreme Court judgements, and important laws related to which you can use for material enrichment in upcoming exams UPSC Mains and Prelims. All the topics have been linked with latest facts and data committee report etc.

All these judgements are very important from the point of view of the UPSC exam. Because UPSC has recently started asking questions on these topics, this question is to make the candidate aware of the Supreme Court’s stand on various issues. This question is important not only in the prelims exam but also in the main exam where candidates can use them to support various arguments under General Studies Paper 1 2 3 4.

About Book

The book covers 35 Landmark Judgements by the Supreme Court of India that is Most Important for UPSC aspirants. The aspirants will not only form a fair understanding of the cases but will also understand how the court arrived at the judgement, how the constitution was upheld and the rights of the citizens were protected.

The cases and the nuances thereof will prove to be quite helpful in answering the General Studies Mains Answers, especially Papers 2 & 4 on Polity & Ethics respectively, Essay Writing and Interviews where questions related to such cases are often asked. The Prelim exam also asks questions pertaining to these cases.

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Download PDF Now – Important Judgements (Polity)

Download PDF Now – Important Constitutional Judgements Article and Acts (Polity)

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