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Hi today we are going to share with you best book Life is Short And So Is This pdf which is written by Peter Atkins. This book is something helpful guide to dealing with life, even in the worst of times.

We all hit a wall at some point on our lives, the wall could be a partner leaving you, and we forget that this wall was once supportive.

We fail to recognize this, and as a result we fail to move on. The wall disappears and we just stand there, staring, in denial. I’ve faced a dozen different walls, and life will keep building them up, but the reality is: that we need to keep on moving, find another route.

Author: Peter Atkins
Language: English
Size: 518 KB
Source: Google

This book goes through a broad range of subjects, but does not go deep in any of them. It is short, so I could not go deep anyway. But as it is very superficial, it doesn’t really bring any practical useful information, just general guidelines on how to behave at work or private life to be as much productive as possible.

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