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Population is a big problem for the whole world. Many countries are also trying to solve this problem because the population is increasing every year. As a result, people are running out of space.

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Loksankhya Vadh

Due to increasing population, people are not able to fulfill their basic needs. That is, the government is facing many obstacles to provide services like electricity supply, water supply, health care, housing etc. Because man has always been dependent on nature.

Due to the increasing population, people are harming the nature such that humans have started cutting a large number of trees to make new homes for their habitation, due to which the balance of nature is deteriorating. Due to population growth, people are not able to get employment and they are not able to fulfill their needs.

Therefore population growth is a big problem not for India but for the whole world. Therefore, it is necessary for the government to take some measures to solve this problem so that the population growth can be reduced.

वाढती लोकसंख्या हे आपल्या भारत देशासमोरील नव्हे तर संपूर्ण जगासमोरील सर्वात मोठी समस्या आहे. जगाचे क्षेत्रफळ जेवढे आहे तेवढेच आहे त्यात काहीच वाढ होत नाही पण लोकसंख्येची वाढ प्रत्येक वर्षी भरमसाठ होत चालली आहे. परिणामी लोकांना वास्तव्यासाठी जागा कमी पडू लागली आहे.

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