Lukmaan IAS Ethics Notes Free For UPSC IAS (GS4 Material)

Lukmaan IAS Ethics Notes pdf for UPSC Mains Exam Considered to be the most helpful, Lukmaan IAS has come up with an emerging option to prepare for the Civil Services Exam.

The method of teaching by them is very easy and precise especially for the beginners. If you are looking for the best institute for GS 4 ethics, then Lukmaan can be an option in front of you. They have the best faculty for ethics, they provide specialized material to the students along with case studies, mock tests, down clearing sessions and personal mentoring sessions.

It is necessary to have clarity of thought for ethics otherwise you will not get good marks in mains exam. You must have depth and understanding. You will be able to understand the subject easily by reading Salamuddin ANSARI sir’s video and notes, you can also prepare notes through his old videos which are available on Telegram.

NameLukmaan IAS Ethics
BySalamuddin ANSARI
PaperGS 4

How To do Preparation For GS4 Ethics?

For ethics, you have to understand all the basic concepts first. If you have never studied Ethics before, then it is very important for you to understand the definitions of the words mentioned in the syllabus. This will be a list of all the definitions that you need to prepare for yourself.

When you complete it, you can start your preparation by using the resources given below. Like Lukmaan IAS Class Notes, Eden IAS Ethics, Lexicon and Atul Garg Books.

Now you need to read these notes chapter wise. Below we have given Lukman’s notes because they are written in very simple language from other  coaching institutes, which can be easily understood by a beginner. Also, you keep revising from time to time and mock tests and answer writing can get you good marks in GS Paper 4

Case Study 1.0

A PIO receives an application for information under the RTI Act, 2005. It turned out that the information asked for falls into three categories viz: (information absolutely exempted); (information which can be given to the applicant); and (information given in confidence by a Third party). The PIO is convinced that there is public interest involved in giving to the candidate the latter part of the information.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Public Authority puts another spin to the situation citing that none of the information asked for involves exempted information and, hence, all of it can be given. Soon after, the applicant realized that he had unwittingly asked for exempted information and conveyed to the PIO that he need not be given the exempted information. But the applicant also asked for some other information pertaining to the same organization.


a) Should the PIO go with his judgment or heed his boss? If yes, what should he do in disclosing information or for rejecting the application or for doing both (as applicable)?

b) What should the PIO do in view of the applicant`s revised request? Please elaborate. Why? How?

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