मैं अपराधी जन्म का Main Apradhi Janm Ka

Main Apradhi Janm Ka

Hi Readers in this post i am going to share with you all Main Apradhi Janm Ka pdf book which is written by Surendra Mohan Pathak and publisher of the book is Hind Pocket Books and this book is written in Hindi language if you want to download complete book you can get this book online.

Surendra Mohan Pathak was born on 19 February 1940 in Khemkaran, Punjab. After graduating in Science, he began to work at the Indian Telephone Industries Ltd. By the time he grew up, he had already read many national and international writers and begun translating the novels of Ian Fleming, Mario Puzo and James Hadley Chase, after which he began his own writing.

Main Apradhi Janm Ka Summery

He’s not a man if gets scared of the bloody view in front of him It is necessary to live in that condition, which is difficult to live in. ‘Time helps forget the greatest sorrows. If it is not so, it will become hell to live, And every person a living dead, So, don’t forget that you are Sohal, That Sohal, Whose name is enough to frighten the enemies, when you are in front of them, they hold their breaths, Because they do not know, whether they will survive the next moment or not.’

Book NameMain Apradhi Janm Ka
AuthorSurendra Mohan Pathak
PublisherHind Pocket Books

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