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Manqoos Moulid It is composed by the Islamic Scholar from Malabar First Makhdoom ‘Sheikh Zainudden bin Ali bin Ahmad’ 500 years ago. Makhdooms were scholars from Ponnani (an area in Malabar, which was known as the ‘Makkah of Malabar’.

They had the religious leadership of the Muslims in Malabar and surrounding areas of Kerala). That is why they became famous among Muslim community.

This Maulid is known by the title of ‘Al-Maulidul Manqoos’ in which The word “Manqus” in Arabic means ‘The Shortened’. Since that time, this Maulid has been regularly recited by Muslims in Kerala and neighbouring areas with great devotion, especially in the month of Rabee’ul Awwal, and also during special events and for special needs.

In different parts of the world, by Kerala Muslim communities as well as by many other groups also it has been recited with great enthusiasm and happiness.

The word “Maulid” means the place of birth or time of the birth (in Arabic). And it is mostly and largely used for “birth”.

The word ‘Maulid’ refers to the biographical histories for the prophet, other prophets (alaihissalam) and pious servants of Allah. Normally ‘Maulid’ is compiled in combination of the phrase and the poem.

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