7 Math Books for Elementary Students

Studying mathematics has always been a colossal challenge for many and unfortunately, I was one of them. During my school years, algebra and calculus were the subjects that were problematic for me and some of my classmates. The preparation required a significant amount of my time and effort. Moreover, on repeated occasions, I found myself in a situation where I did not have time to learn and understand the material. 

The teacher at school was busy checking homework and preparing for tests. During my school years, I have always been better at English, Literature, Geography, and History, and this was one of the reasons I never enjoyed and adored STEM disciplines. 

Necessity for Assistance 

By that time, I realized that I necessitated substantial assistance and tutoring to achieve high grades in my middle-term and final year examinations. While participating in one of the out-of-school sports activities, I bumped against one of my friends, who was substantially in the same situation as myself. 

Both of us could barely get along with our math assignments and homework, and we craved aid. It was then that my friend advised me to contact the appropriate experts to do my math homework online. My friend has suggested that I address the relevant education platform e.g. MyAssignmentLab to ask experts and tutors to assist with my maths homework. 

Provided Opportunities and Guaranteed Support 

Tutors and experts provided by the platform furnished me with constant support and various opportunities, which I started to implement during my class preparation at home and recommended to many of my friends. One of the most remarkable things during my experience with homework tutoring was the provision of literature review, which helped me enrich my knowledge and practice. 

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This list of seven math books for elementary students would serve as a great recommendation for many STEM students. 

Top Seven Mathematics Books for Elementary Students 

I have outlined my top-tier books containing relevant materials, exercises, and tasks for elementary school students to practice at home, in class, or even with friends. All these books, students can find online and on purchase websites, such as Amazon, for their further studies. 

  1. Life of Fred (Fractions) Pre-Algebra and More. 

This book ultimately opens my ranking. I have had an opportunity to study according to this piece of art, which has opened the window into calculus which was distinctly and precisely explained on every page. This book will provide every student with essential skills through mathematical exercises to enrich their knowledge and raise their proficiency. A series of “Life of Fred” has four different books, which cover all necessitate curriculum from first to fifth grades. 

  1. The Grapes of Maths. 

According to this book, any student will develop abstract thinking and advanced competencies in solving world-problem issues. This book is full of various brain teasers and puzzles, which can undoubtedly force your brain to think critically. Compounded in a set of poems, corresponding problem quizzes, and counting exercises, I felt that I didn’t even study math as a discipline but rather worked more on my logic and critical mindset. 

  1. How to be a Maths Genius. 

While studying according to the technology used in this book, I sensed de facto that I could become an absolute mathematician while completing the tasks on differentiated instructions, various graphs, equations, fractions, illustrations, world problems solving tasks, and real-life examples. Moreover, the historical reviews made me feel that I could explore the great journey into the mathematics past! 

  1. Mathematics: The Science of Patterns. 
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While studying mathematical history, I was also able to enhance my knowledge in numerous concepts, which were partitioned into six sections. These sections covered the essential topic, which was not studied by me in the past at school. Here I should refer to counting, symmetry, reasoning, motion, change, shaping (fundamentals of geometry), and many others. 

  1. Family Math. 

One of the wise suggestions from my tutors and mentors on the platform was to practice my skills at home together with my family and friends. I must confess this was one of the greatest ideas as I have considerably improved my family relationship. Our joint completion of math exercises and tasks has helped me cultivate a friendly family atmosphere and a positive climate at home. I highly recommend this book to those peers who sometimes struggle to find mutual understanding with their families or relatives. 

  1. Magical Mathematics. 

After studying this book, I became a big believer that sometimes some magic could honestly change any situation. However, I could never believe that magic tricks could be explained via mathematical formulas. This book has changed my perception of life and raised my overall awareness of physics and mechanics. 

  1. Math Dictionary: Homework Help for Families. 

After my great experience with “Family Math,” I have been advised to get this book home to train some math with my parents. My family has seen relevant exercises to refresh their memory on central mathematical concepts and acquire new knowledge.  

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