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Mechanics by DS Mathur PDF Book : Download Physics Book For UPSC Optional, IIT JEE Mains, Graduation College Students BSC all sem ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd year ), BA (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th semester ), Engineering, SSC, Banking And Other Competitive Examination Etc.

The book presents a comprehensive study of important topics in Mechanics of pure and applied sciences. It provides knowledge of scalar and vector in optimum depth to make the students understand the concepts of Mechanics in simple, coherent and lucid manner and grasp its principles & theory. It caters to the requirements of students of B.Sc. Pass and Honours courses.

Total Pages818 pages
AuthorDS Mathur
PublisherS chand
Subject Physics
  • Mathematical Background : Scalars and Vectors 
  • Newton’s Laws of Motion – Reference Frames 
  • Relativity 
  • Non-Relativistic Particle Dynamics 
  • Conservation laws (Part I : Law of Conservation of Energy) 
  • Conservation laws (Part II : Linear and Angular Momentum) 
  • Simple Harmonic Motion 
  • Damped and Driven Harmonic Oscillators 
  • Coupled Oscillators 
  • Wave Motion 
  • Dynamics of Rigid Bodies 
  • Gravitation: Field and Potentials 
  • Elasticity 
  • Bending of Beams – Columns 
  • Fluid Mechanics – Viscosity 
  • Fluid Mechanics – Viscosity 

The book is framed in accordance with the syllabi of U.G.C. and the syllabi of most of the Indian universities. The book presents a comprehensive study of important topics of Mechanics for the undergraduate students of pure and applied sciences, particularly students of B.Sc. Pass and B.Sc. Honors classes and Engineering disciplines in a brief, coherent and lucid manner.

For a beginner, the knowledge of scalar and vector is essential to understand the concept in Mechanics. Every care is now taken in elaborating each topic in a simple manner that the reader should feel comfort to grasp its principle and theory. Basic chapters on reference frames, Newton’s laws of motion, gravitational laws, relativity, dynamics of relativistic and non-relativistic particles, conservation laws, wave motion, harmonic oscillators, elasticity, fluid mechanics, production and measurement of low pressures are incorporated.

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Very large number of solved examples based on S.I. system of units are given at the end of each chapter, article-wise. This helps the students to understand each article very well. A set of questions and unsolved updated problems as Exercises are given for a better comprehension of each topic. Recent questions asked in various Indian universities in their examinations are also incorporated at the end of each chapter to enrich the book. I hope this book will also benefit the students appearing for IAS, AMIE and other competitive examinations.

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