Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 Schedule PDF

FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 Schedule PDF has been held in Odisha. This hockey competition will be organized in Bhubaneswar and Rourkela of India. This year there are expectations from India that the Indian team will perform better. Because this year’s World Cup is going to be organized in India, Indian people have hopes that India will win the World Cup this time.

A total of 16 countries are participating in the Hockey World Cup 2023 which are as follows India, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Chile, England, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, and Wales.

Pool APool BPool CPool D
South AfricaJapanNetherlandsSpain
FranceKoreaNew ZealandWales

Hockey World Cup 2023 Schedule

TeamsDatesVenueTime (IST)
Argentina vs. South Africa13th January 2023Bhubaneswar1:00 PM
Australia vs. France13th January 2023Bhubaneswar3:00 PM
England vs. Wales13th January 2023Rourkela5:00 PM
India vs. Spain13th January 2023Rourkela7:00 PM
New Zealand vs. Chile14th January 2023Rourkela1:00 PM
Netherlands vs. Malaysia14th January 2023Rourkela3:00 PM
Belgium vs Korea14th January 2023Bhubaneswar5:00 PM
Germany vs Japan14th January 2023Bhubaneswar7:00 PM
Spain vs Wales15th January 2023Rourkela5:00 PM
England vs India15th January 2023Rourkela7:00 PM
Malaysia vs Chile16th January 2023Rourkela1:00 PM
New Zealand vs Netherlands16th January 2023Rourkela3:00 PM
France vs South
16th January 2023Bhubaneswar5:00 PM
Argentina vs Australia16th January 2023Bhubaneswar7:00 PM
Korea vs Japan17th January 2023Bhubaneswar5:00 PM
Germany vs Belgium17th January 2023Bhubaneswar7:00 PM
Malaysia vs New
19th January 2023Bhubaneswar1:00 PM
Netherlands vs Chile19th January 2023Bhubaneswar3:00 PM
Spain vs. England19th January 2023Bhubaneswar5:00 PM
India vs. Wales19th January 2023Bhubaneswar7:00 PM
Australia vs. South Africa20th January 2023Rourkela1:00 PM
France vs Argentina20th January 2023Rourkela3:00 PM
Belgium vs Japan20th January 2023Rourkela5:00 PM
Korea vs Germany20th January 2023Rourkela7:00 PM

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